Shiloh Mid-Week Battle (Cancelled) 2021

Snellville, GA

Meet Information



4:00 PM
Field Events

FIELD EVENTS: (Participants should report to their respective competition areas.)

(3 trials each in Discus Throw, Long Jump, Shot Put, Triple Jump)

Boys' Discus Throw (followed by Girls' Discus Throw)

Boys'& Girls' Pole Vault

Boys' Triple Jump (followed by Girls' Triple Jump)

Girls' High Jump (followed by Boys' High Jump)

Girls' Long Jump (followed by Boys' Long Jump)

Girls' Shot Put (followed by Boys' Shot Put)

5:15 PM
Running Events

RUNNING EVENTS: The order of all common running event heats will be girls followed by boys.

(Please note any/all exceptions below.) If we get ahead of schedule, we will run ahead.

4X100 Meter Relay
1600 Meter Run (Arc Start)

400 Meter Dash

100 Meter Dash

Girls' 100 Meter Intermediate Hurdles (33")

Boys' 110 Meter High Hurdles

800 Meter Run (One-Curve Stagger)

200 Meter Dash

Girls' 300 Meter Low Hurdles (30")

Boys' 300 Meter Intermediate Hurdles (36")

3200 Meter Run (Arc Start; One Heat - Boys & Girls run together)

4X400 Meter Relay

ALL running events will be clerked near the 110 Meter starting line, outside of the fence. (EXCEPTIONS: the 200 Meter Dash and 300 Meter Hurdles will be clerked at their respective starting lines!!) All participants in a running event should check in with the clerk of course in these areas to receive lane & heat assignments.

***PLEASE NOTE: In those running events where more than one heat is contested,

Places will be determined by time!!!

Meet Fee
Coaches, please bring$75(one gender) or$125(both Boys & Girls) payable to Shiloh High School Track and Field