Forsyth County Middle School XC Championships 2020

Suwanee, GA
Hosted by Riverwatch MS

Athlete Entries

Boys Two Mile XC 130 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Agarwal, Krishna 24:42.78 Riverwatch MS
Rayner, Isaac 18:40.61 Liberty MS (Cumming)
Linn, R.J. 13:23.50 Liberty MS (Cumming)
Barrick, Bryce 15:55.38 Lakeside MS
Grady, Michael 15:44.69 Piney Grove MS
George, Calen 21:58.80 Vickery Creek MS
Gagnon, Gabriel 17:20.42 Liberty MS (Cumming)
Watson, Dash 15:58.01 Riverwatch MS
Anderson, Quincy 12:32.70 Junior Wolverines
Pacino, Cameron 22:57.98 Liberty MS (Cumming)
Ernst, Camden 12:38.80 Liberty MS (Cumming)
Coker, Camden 13:26.02 Lakeside MS
Patel, Krish 14:25.32 Riverwatch MS
Foregger, Grant 20:09.10 Vickery Creek MS
Brimer, Jackson 17:11.33 Liberty MS (Cumming)
Talanki, Aniket Riverwatch MS
Payne, Andrew 15:09.00 Lakeside MS
Miller, Blake 21:34.26 Liberty MS (Cumming)
Austin, Jacob 18:18.58 Lakeside MS
Renga, Surya 13:38.54 Riverwatch MS
Dodds, Isaac 17:00.61 Piney Grove MS
Farnan, Kevin 13:52.50 Vickery Creek MS
Martucci, Logan 15:11.80 Liberty MS (Cumming)
Steckel, Max 15:38.46 Riverwatch MS
Livengood, River 19:32.75 Liberty MS (Cumming)
Ryan, John 18:49.40 Lakeside MS
Hogsed, Jackson 11:23.35 Riverwatch MS
Shah, Shubham 14:38.59 Piney Grove MS
Young, Joseph 20:08.44 Vickery Creek MS
Fedke, Nathan 14:43.12 Liberty MS (Cumming)
Shah, Sajan 14:02.67 Riverwatch MS
Sharpe, Jack 14:29.78 Vickery Creek MS
Howell, John 17:45.75 Liberty MS (Cumming)
Merhai, Abraham 14:51.61 Lakeside MS
Mouton, Dominick 14:57.63 Piney Grove MS
Rogge, Landon Vickery Creek MS
Fikes, Jackson 14:19.80 Liberty MS (Cumming)
Patrick, Dylan 14:44.16 Riverwatch MS
Cohen, Tristan 14:12.68 Otwell MS
Gibson, Marshall 21:44.40 Vickery Creek MS
Johnson, Grady 12:46.85 Lakeside MS
Hicks, Jack 16:16.74 Piney Grove MS
Niksich, Nolan 16:01.15 Vickery Creek MS
Yeager, Matthew 19:14.19 Liberty MS (Cumming)
Hayes, Kenny 18:48.47 Riverwatch MS
Nelson, Malachi 14:41.60 Otwell MS
George, Reeves 16:43.60 Vickery Creek MS
Garrett, Landen 18:48.40 Liberty MS (Cumming)
Furlong, Alex 24:05.12 Lakeside MS
Jeffery, Cameron 17:54.39 Piney Grove MS
MacAu, Caleb 20:18.71 Vickery Creek MS
Tallant, Brody 22:02.16 Liberty MS (Cumming)
Baker, Braddock 14:55.57 Riverwatch MS
Maloney, Brendan 17:00.53 Vickery Creek MS
Sills, Logan 20:00.91 Liberty MS (Cumming)
Ehlers, Evan 13:43.20 Liberty MS (Cumming)
Daimiel, Nicolas 14:36.21 Riverwatch MS
Lava, Ethan 12:47.90 Lakeside MS
Dodds, Andrew 12:55.80 Piney Grove MS
Locke, Parker 19:43.07 Vickery Creek MS
Hall, Everett 24:37.76 Liberty MS (Cumming)
Allen, Coleman 16:22.44 Riverwatch MS
Brady, Jackson 12:47.67 Vickery Creek MS
Rowe, D'Shaun 15:01.36 Liberty MS (Cumming)
Walker, Carson 13:34.30 Liberty MS (Cumming)
Blair, Jimmy 14:25.78 Lakeside MS
Delk, David 16:57.68 Piney Grove MS
Glasscox, Walker 17:23.04 Vickery Creek MS
Garrett, Easton 22:59.17 Liberty MS (Cumming)
Suresh, Sarvesh 21:38.15 Riverwatch MS
Tapley, Thomas 25:27.60 Riverwatch MS
Purcell, Daniel 15:46.52 Liberty MS (Cumming)
Beck, Gabriel 13:47.40 Liberty MS (Cumming)
Keel, Brody 14:59.90 Lakeside MS
Bridge, Ethan 11:37.70 Piney Grove MS
Foregger, Walter 19:05.55 Vickery Creek MS
Campbell, Kaiden 22:35.44 Liberty MS (Cumming)
Thayer, Parker 15:09.70 Riverwatch MS
Anderson, Jacob 17:16.30 Lakeside MS
Navale, Anshul 22:36.48 Liberty MS (Cumming)
Blackwell, Jackson 14:47.92 Liberty MS (Cumming)
Bedford, Carson 17:05.86 Lakeside MS
Furlong, Ethan 14:15.19 Riverwatch MS
Fernandez, Luis 19:05.90 Vickery Creek MS
Avila Nava, Eduardo 17:29.85 Liberty MS (Cumming)
Talanki, Isanth Riverwatch MS
McDavid, Joe Liberty MS (Cumming)
Spurgeon, Logan 22:16.10 Lakeside MS
Mumford, Connor 12:44.27 Riverwatch MS
Thakkar, Hemil 20:22.11 Piney Grove MS
Schmoyer, Dax 27:26.87 Vickery Creek MS
Chau, Timmy 16:42.51 Vickery Creek MS
Hilyer, Zach 16:26.22 Liberty MS (Cumming)
Shah, Roshan 16:35.45 Riverwatch MS
Howell, Lawson 16:44.23 Liberty MS (Cumming)
O'Sullivan, Aidan 12:32.15 Lakeside MS
Bentley, Jackson 15:05.34 Piney Grove MS
Yahres, Ryan 16:06.33 Vickery Creek MS
Keyes, Landon 14:19.50 Liberty MS (Cumming)
Poonepalle, Harsha Sai 16:45.68 Riverwatch MS
Andrews, Sam 16:40.08 Otwell MS
Fontan, Dathan 14:46.50 Vickery Creek MS
Katz, Kohlston 16:14.55 Lakeside MS
Gjurich, Jacob 15:55.92 Piney Grove MS
Olson, Landon 16:31.92 Vickery Creek MS
Hopkins, Justin 16:36.06 Liberty MS (Cumming)
Stawicki, Joseph 14:56.05 Liberty MS (Cumming)
Henriques, Jakobi 14:47.63 Riverwatch MS
Durden, William 15:48.63 Otwell MS
Guthrie, Benjamin 15:45.00 Vickery Creek MS
Graham, Dalton 21:06.28 Lakeside MS
Sydell, Alex 15:55.05 Piney Grove MS
MacAu, Cydrel 20:09.49 Vickery Creek MS
Tinney, William Thomas 18:40.21 Liberty MS (Cumming)
Ferranti, Nathan 18:27.92 Riverwatch MS
Jenkins, Spencer 16:04.80 Vickery Creek MS
Merriam, Asher 14:14.80 Liberty MS (Cumming)
Woolard, Bryson 14:23.70 Lakeside MS
Earnhardt, Caleb 13:15.40 Piney Grove MS
Lopez, Ranel 17:21.59 Vickery Creek MS
Henson, Finn 23:47.45 Liberty MS (Cumming)
Allen, Chase 17:39.76 Riverwatch MS
Dally, Brett 15:54.86 Vickery Creek MS
Ryan, Carter Liberty MS (Cumming)
Carmichael, Colt 12:19.90 Liberty MS (Cumming)
Russo, Matthew 23:09.05 Riverwatch MS
Lagac, Sam 13:34.50 Lakeside MS
Pickens, Cooper 13:24.30 Piney Grove MS
Hamlin, Nathaniel 20:54.24 Vickery Creek MS
Gauci, Landen 15:01.05 Liberty MS (Cumming)
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Girls Two Mile XC 111 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Mueller, Vanessa 21:26.35 Lakeside MS
Elseroad, Savanna 17:53.93 Otwell MS
Thomas, Chaya 14:25.20 Piney Grove MS
Yarram, Esha 23:26.66 Vickery Creek MS
DeLuca, Jeanna 18:18.20 Vickery Creek MS
Walton, Hannah 17:05.48 Liberty MS (Cumming)
Sales, Peyton 15:51.00 Liberty MS (Cumming)
Kim, Eunice 19:40.38 Riverwatch MS
Deaton, Gracie Liberty MS (Cumming)
Cobb, Paiton 18:39.01 Lakeside MS
Farbotko, Audrey Vickery Creek MS
Cilli, Ina 22:56.53 Piney Grove MS
Cooper, Sally 20:14.90 Liberty MS (Cumming)
Gustafson, Tyler 16:35.47 Riverwatch MS
Pattee, Elise 15:06.07 Junior Wolverines
Stawicki, Carolann 17:00.05 Liberty MS (Cumming)
Benton, Tallulah 26:46.05 Vickery Creek MS
Carroll, Rowen Liberty MS (Cumming)
Payne, Kate 29:00.19 Lakeside MS
Bae, Beige 15:22.36 Riverwatch MS
Williams, Callan 17:23.91 Piney Grove MS
Seals, Julianne 20:18.06 Liberty MS (Cumming)
Hobbs, Kristen 17:03.18 Vickery Creek MS
Bradford, Lillian 21:10.11 Liberty MS (Cumming)
Johnson, Maclain 17:15.09 Lakeside MS
Popescu, Francesca 15:21.66 Riverwatch MS
Tuok, Annika 21:06.77 Piney Grove MS
Nylin, Rachel 16:26.87 Liberty MS (Cumming)
Soller, Sariah 20:05.25 Vickery Creek MS
Tjahjadi, Natasha 23:28.31 Riverwatch MS
Beck, Lillian 21:58.63 Liberty MS (Cumming)
Elder, Imme-Brok 18:45.55 Lakeside MS
Gowda, Tanisha 25:27.78 Piney Grove MS
Hutchinson, Trinity 25:40.41 Liberty MS (Cumming)
Krogman, Tess 14:00.30 Vickery Creek MS
Brittingham, Cydney 20:48.65 Riverwatch MS
Starke, Alexandria Vickery Creek MS
Allen, Emma 17:58.70 Liberty MS (Cumming)
Balboa, Camila 15:34.43 Liberty MS (Cumming)
Yellayi, Pratima 20:13.26 Lakeside MS
Jakinapalli, Nithya 19:40.66 Piney Grove MS
Banaag, Isabella 22:51.76 Otwell MS
Ward, Adison 17:32.82 Liberty MS (Cumming)
DeLuca, Lily 13:22.60 Vickery Creek MS
James, Alaiya 13:59.97 Riverwatch MS
Kreeger, Claire 22:20.10 Vickery Creek MS
Maclachlan, Sophia 17:26.90 Liberty MS (Cumming)
Emmons, Sasha 14:00.94 Liberty MS (Cumming)
Schmuckal, Danielle 18:00.00 Lakeside MS
Layton, Brianna 20:00.41 Otwell MS
Blizzard, Lillie 18:00.63 Piney Grove MS
Ragila, Amithi 24:20.99 Riverwatch MS
Drummond, Peyton 30:16.47 Liberty MS (Cumming)
Soderberg, Savannah 16:56.64 Liberty MS (Cumming)
Parmele, Maddie 14:55.30 Lakeside MS
Miller, Abigail 16:52.99 Otwell MS
Uppalapati, Sumedha 16:03.89 Piney Grove MS
Howard, Emersyn 19:57.80 Vickery Creek MS
Gross, Kara 20:30.77 Liberty MS (Cumming)
Newton, Luci 16:41.74 Riverwatch MS
Deluca, Isabella 26:41.91 Liberty MS (Cumming)
Giles, Hartlee 14:57.00 Lakeside MS
Glasscox, Amelia 21:38.51 Vickery Creek MS
Johnson, Patricia 20:06.04 Riverwatch MS
Cox, Chloe Liberty MS (Cumming)
Merhai, Mayla 13:39.50 Lakeside MS
Meyer, Savannah 16:10.41 Junior Wolverines
Brady, Carly 17:19.36 Vickery Creek MS
Je, Isabella 22:30.05 Piney Grove MS
Cochran, Marlee Liberty MS (Cumming)
Sekerak, Molly 20:45.90 Lakeside MS
Drury, Hannah 17:10.78 Riverwatch MS
Staniec, Leila 19:31.37 Liberty MS (Cumming)
Benton, Annie 30:20.30 Vickery Creek MS
Bruce, Kellsey 21:52.36 Liberty MS (Cumming)
Maynard, Jenna 27:27.23 Lakeside MS
Proctor, McKinlee 18:50.13 Riverwatch MS
Je, Analiese 18:24.51 Piney Grove MS
Pacino, Kaylin 18:42.40 Liberty MS (Cumming)
Hobbs, Brooke 17:57.20 Vickery Creek MS
Brown, Mia 14:59.45 Riverwatch MS
Bennett, Katie 24:20.05 Liberty MS (Cumming)
Hull, Julia 18:09.65 Lakeside MS
Baskaran, Rhea 21:54.82 Piney Grove MS
Malcom, Madison 21:35.60 Liberty MS (Cumming)
Rhody, Maggie 17:03.88 Vickery Creek MS
Lundy, Jo 18:45.26 Riverwatch MS
Barnett, Mia 20:23.85 Liberty MS (Cumming)
Elder, Nicea-Paule 25:36.52 Lakeside MS
Singh, Jahnavi 18:44.61 Piney Grove MS
Hilyer, Reagan 19:00.27 Liberty MS (Cumming)
Austreng, Sadie 16:07.73 Vickery Creek MS
Song, Skylar 18:51.08 Riverwatch MS
McGowan, Ava 18:10.42 Vickery Creek MS
Lortie, Faith 16:06.18 Liberty MS (Cumming)
Cozad, Taylor 21:21.93 Liberty MS (Cumming)
Woolard, Annalise 15:44.40 Lakeside MS
Daigle, Cecelia 22:44.54 Otwell MS
Davis, Carina 18:17.11 Piney Grove MS
Caldwell, Leah 16:58.21 Otwell MS
Chau, Tiffany 14:50.00 Vickery Creek MS
Farfan, Andrea 20:06.27 Riverwatch MS
Gehrts, Megan 24:17.34 Liberty MS (Cumming)
Ingram, Olive 14:10.90 Liberty MS (Cumming)
Rowe, Aniyah 14:54.02 Liberty MS (Cumming)
Prashar, Kaveri 16:51.75 Lakeside MS
Wright, Masyn 16:17.23 Otwell MS
Schramm, Olivia 17:32.40 Piney Grove MS
Ihle, Hannah 21:06.27 Vickery Creek MS
Parker, Rebecca 18:06.17 Riverwatch MS
DeSalvo, Kara 16:51.87 Liberty MS (Cumming)
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