2020 Warpath Invitational 2020

Canton, GA
Hosted by Cherokee
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Meet Information


9/7/2020:  Full for high school and middle school programs.  Waitlist at 5 HS. 4 for MS.  Coaches information coming soon. 

We will accept the first 30 High School and 25 Middle School teams to register on Milesplit. After 30 HS teams/25 MS teams have registered, we will begin a waitlist. We do not accept unattached runners at Warpath.


Call us if you have any questions!!

26th Annual Cherokee Warpath 5K Invitational

Please check the appropriate blank(s) and make sure all the information is correct.

ALL Teams: Middle School, Junior Varsity Boys and Girls, Varsity Boys and Girls ($200.00) ____

ALL High School Teams: Junior Varsity Boys and Girls and Varsity Boys and Girls ($150.00) ____

M.S. Girls ($30.00) ____ JV Girls ($50.00) ____ Varsity Girls ($50.00) ____

M.S. Boys ($30.00) ____ JV Boys ($50.00) ____ Varsity Boys ($50.00) ____

School Name: ____________________________________

School Address: __________________________________

City: __________________________

State : _________


Coach's names: _________________________________________ (Head)

_________________________________________ (Assistant)

Return to:

Cherokee HS Cross Country

c/o Rebekah Gay

930 Marietta Highway Canton, GA 30114

Please make checks payable to "Cherokee Warriors XC Booster Club".

Please send payment promptly and make sure checks are in by Friday, September 11, 2020.


This is the schedule we will follow. We feel it will help the meet run smoothly.

Races will start promptly as scheduled: 

Varsity Red Boys- First Wave- 7:00 (Runners 1-5)

Varsity Red Boys- Second Wave- 7:03 (Runners 6-10)

Varsity Red Girls- First Wave- 7:25 (Runners 1-5)

Varsity Red Girls- Second Wave- 7:28 (Runners 6-10)

JV Red Boys- First Wave- 7:55 (Runners 1-5)

JV Red Boys- Second Wave- 7:58 (Runners 6-10)

JV Red Girls- First Wave- 8:25 (Runners 1-5)

JV Red Girls- Second Wave- 8:28 (Runners 6-10)

JV Open Red Boys- No Wave- 9:00 (unlimited)

JV Open Red Girls- No Wave- 9:30 (unlimited)

Varsity White Boys- First Wave- 10:05 (Runners 1-5)

Varsity White Boys- Second Wave- 10:08 (Runners 6-10)

Varsity White Girls- First Wave- 10:30 (Runners 1-5)

Varsity White Boys- Second Wave- 10:33 (Runners 6-10)

JV White Boys- First Wave- 11:10 (Runners 1-5)

JV White Boys- Second Wave- 11:13 (Runners 6-10)

JV White Girls- First Wave- 11:40 (Runners 1-5)

JV White Girls- Second Wave- 11:43 (Runners 6-10)

JV White Boys Open- No Wave- 12:15 (unlimited)

JV White Girls Open- No Wave- 12:45(unlimited)

MS Boys- First Wave- 5:00pm (Runners 1-5)

MS Boys- Second Wave- 5:05 pm (Runners 6-10)

MS Boys- Third Wave- 5:20 pm (Runners 11-15)

MS Boys- Fourth Wave- 5:25 pm (Runners unlimited)

MS Girls- First Wave- 5:50pm (Runners 1-5)

MS Girls- Second Wave- 5:55pm (Runners 6-10)

MS Girls- Third Wave- 6:15pm (Runners 11-15)

MS Girls- Fourth Wave- 6:20pm (Runners unlimited)


Coach Rebekah Gay Cherokee High School



o Make checks payable to CHSXC Booster Club and mail checks to Cherokee High School C/O Rebekah Gay 930 Marietta Highway, Canton, GA 30114

o Register all runners through ga.milesplit.com.

- Top 10 runners will run Varsity.

- Next 10 runners will run the JV race.

- All rest will run the open JV race.

- Scoring will be done by Olympia Resources.

All runners will be bib timed, please make sure that runners turn in their bibs to the coaches at the end of their race!

A $20 per bib fee will be charged to any school that fails to return all chips.


o Top 20 varsity male and top 20 varsity female runners will receive place medals

o Top 10 boys and top 10 girls in all other High School races will receive medals.  

Top 10 boys and top 10 girls in the Middle School races will receive medals. 

Medals will be put into a packet and handed to coaches.  

Race Day Information

o A USA Track and Field Official will be present to oversee start and finishing of all races, uniform compliance and will have final decision over all competition rule judgments.

This year we are proud to announce that we have a USATF Measured Course!

o Team packet pick up at DJ Tent, right behind t-shirts. Boxes will be pre-drawn and written on packet.

o Admission: $5.00 per adult and $3.00 for students.   NO CASH AT GATE.  Please use the link to purchase tickets 


o Warpath T-Shirts will be available for purchase.

o Canton Fire department will be onsite to provide emergency care.

o All tents will be on the inside grass area. Map to come.  

o Vehicles will not be permitted in the course area.

o Spectators:  Only 2 of you per athlete You will be permitted but will be on the hill above the start and finish.  You will also be allowed on the lower part, but not on the Team Tent areas. 

No Pets are allowed in Boling Park.