Atlanta, GA

Meet Information


MARCH 20, 2019


Meet Information:

Here is the basic information about the upcoming AIS MS Invitational on Wednesday, March 20.   The day will begin with the Mandatory Coaches Meeting @ 3:40 pm. The track will be open at 3.15 pm. Coach John Amosa will be on the microphone.  AIS' Head Coach is Coach Rohan Wilson.


We are a busy school with regards to traffic and we will be in the middle of carpool at drop-off. There will be no parking on campus. Busses will be parked at Second-Ponce de Leon Baptist Church and AIS will be running a shuttle for bus drivers and for visiting parents. Please direct visiting parents to park at Second-Ponce de Leon Baptist Church. The address is 2715 Peachtree Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30305 and it is the back parking lot. 

Venue: Atlanta International School

It will be a drop-off on Peachtree Avenue. Here is a map to help direct you.

 Registration Deadline: Friday, March 15th @ 6pm.

This meet is being timed by Perfect Timing.

 The password can be obtained from Rohan WIlson (

 Please note that there are sign-up restrictions for this meet.

 Any combination of events equal to, or less than, those below are legal:

 - 2 Field & 1 Running

- 2 Running & 1 Field

- Participation in a relay DOES NOT count towards a runner's event total.

- In addition, each school/team may only enter three athletes per gender in all running events except the 800M,1600M and 3200M. Those events are open to unlimited entries.

You may not choose 3 individual running events.

Schedule for the day

3:40pm - Coaches Meeting

4.00pm - 5.00pm Field Events (5 pm is a hard stop - we will discuss limited jumps, throws, etc. at coaches meeting)

High Jump --  Girl's then Boys

Long Jump - Girls followed by Boys

(No Triple Jump)  

Pole Vault -- Combined

Shot Put --  Girls then Boys

Discus --  Boys then Girls

4:20 pm - 3200M Combined boys & girls (FYI - we will have hurdles in lanes 3-8 to save time with the setup for 100/110 hurdles)

5:00 pm - Running Events Girls followed by Boys with a rolling schedule

100h girls

110h boys



800 - Combined boys and girls




1600 - Combined boys and girls



1. When you arrive on March 20, you can scratch (remove an athlete), substitute an athlete for another, but cannot add an athlete to an empty event. 

2. No buses will be allowed to park at the track. We will have all busses and visitors park at Second-Ponce de Leon Baptist Church and then be shuttled to AIS. Please make sure your bus driver knows this ahead of time.

4. Every school MUST provide 1 volunteer to help us operate field events. No exceptions! :)

5. NEW: All schools will need to find space in the areas at the top of the bleachers. We want to move ALL competitors and spectators out of the infield.

6. AIS will be grilling and selling concessions and there will be one possibly two food-trucks present.


Field Event Assistance (please send me your choice):

High Jump:


Long Jump:

Shot Put:  

Pole Vault:  

Events will be timed by Perfect Timing.