Meet Information


We are charging $100.00 per team which includes both male and female, if you are only bringing one gender it's $ 60.00. Just bring a check with you Sat. am. If you come as an individual it's $15.00 a kid, pay which ever is lowest for your team. This is only to pay for our timer - fast feet. We will need coaches to help us out with events. I have spoken with most of you already. Also we could use some extra indoor shots, particularly female. We will do check-in inside the facility. Please see order of events below. We will move events up if we can time wise, but should be pretty close. $5.00 for spectators and metals for places 1-3. Please call me if you have any questions, let's go make some history. Tim Cummings 706-340-2734

9:00 am - Check in - Field House open -  (track is next door)

9:30 Girls Pole Vault

9:45 - 3000 meters - Girls then Boys

Girls Pole Vault

Girls High Jump

Boys long jump

Girls Shot Put

10:45 55 meter Hurdles G/B

10:45 - Boys Pole Vault

Boys High Jump

Girls Long Jump

Boys Shot Put

11:20 55 meter dash G/B

11:55 4 x 200 relay

800 meter run

Boys Triple Jump / followed by girls triple.

12:55 400 meter dash

1:25 1500 meter run G/B - 2 heats each

2:00 200 meter int. Hurdles

2:15 200 meter dash G/B

2:50 4 x 400 Relay G/B