Meet Information

Rock Springs Christian Academy will host its Soul on Fire XC meet #3 at Liberty Hill Ranch. The cost per team is Varsity Boys $60, Varsity Girls $60, if both teams are entered total cost of $100. Middle School Boys $50, Middle School Girls $50, if both teams are entered total cost of $80, Junior(kids 5th grade and below)Girls $20, Junior Boys $20, if both are entered total cost of $30. If both Varsity Teams are entered, or Both Middle Schools are entered, the juniors will run for free. If you do not have a full team, at any level, cost for individuals is $5. We will have a concession stand, T-shirts for sale, and a $5 parking fee , per car. If you have any concerns , please contact Coach Owen at or call 770-891-6937. Hope to see you there.
The first race will be at 9am the junior boys will run first , the girls will start 5 minutes after them. At 9:30 will be the Varsity Girls, 10:00 Varsity Boys, 10:30 Middle School Girls, and at 11:15 Middle School Boys.