The Bryan Invitational 2016

Jefferson, GA

Meet Information

Registration help:

This is a MS meet

$150 per school or $100.00 per gender
Payments Please mail checks as soon as possible

Rusty Newman

You may enter three contestants per individual event and TWO relay teams.

An athlete may enter 3 individual events plus two relays. The individual events must be one of the following combinations: 2 field and 1 running, 1 running and 2 field, or 3 field events.


In the field events each contestant will have 1 minute (1 minutes in the PV) to complete his/her trial.

In the Pole Vault each contestant must use a properly marked pole (see NFHS 2015 Rules Book, article 4) that is rated above the competitors weight.

In the Long Jump, Triple Jump, Shot Put, and Discus Throw, each contestant will be given 4 trials with no final.

The starting heights in the High Jump and Pole Vault will be determined by the heights that you send in with your entries.

All running events will be finals against time. It is important that you submit accurate times for each contestant. When more than one heat is necessary, the contestants with the faster times will be placed in the last heat.

Spikes no more than inch are allowed. Anyone wearing longer spikes is subject to disqualification.