Metro Area Championships 2015

Atlanta, GA
Hosted by St. Pius X
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Meet Information

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March 28th and 30th, 2015

St. Pius X Catholic High School
2674 Johnson Rd. Ne
Atlanta, Ga 30345

Scoring Top 8 places will be scored. Teams will only score up to 2 members.

Awards After each final we will present a medal to the top 8. Team trophies will be presented to top 2 teams at conclusion of the meet.

Entries 3 entries per school in running events and one relay.
We will be doing online entries through
Deadline for entries will be Wednesday, March 25th.
Please use verified entries only. Performances must be VERIFIED to be used for seeding.

Schools will be allowed up to 6 entries in each event if they meet the following times/distances:
****Times/Distances are tentative for now****
Event 4th entry min standard, 5-6th entry min standard
Girls 100 14.0, 13.5
Boys 100 12.0, 11.8
Girls 200 27.5, 27.0
Boys 200 24.0, 23.5
Girls 400 63.0, 61.0
Boys 400 54.0, 52.0
Girls 100H 18.0, 17.5
Boys 100H 16.5, 16.0
Girls 300H - 52.0, 50.0
Boys 300H - 48.0, 46.0
Girls 800 2:40, 2:32
Boys 800 2:10, 2:02
Girls 1600 5:50, 5:40
Boys 1600 4:55, 4:45
Girls 3200 12:30, 12:10
Boys 3200 11:00, 10:45
Girls LJ 14, 16
Boys LJ 18, 20
Girls TJ 30, 32
Boys TJ 38, 40
Girls HJ 4'10", 5
Boys HJ 52, 5'4"
Girls PV 7'6", 8'6"
Boys PV 10, 106"
Girls SP 28', 30
Boys SP - 34, 38
Girls Discus 60, 80
Boys Discus 80, 100
Note - We will accept relay splits for the 400, 800, and 1600 that hit the above standards if there is evidence that they can run those times.

Check In Heat sheets will be sent to coaches on Friday afternoon March 27th and posted on There will be no additions made to the meet after March 26th 2014. One-for-one substitutions may be made with the clerk of course on the day of the meet.

Mondays Running Finals We will take the top 6 athletes(top 9 for 800) to Mondays running finals. The qualifying system will be determined by how many heats of each event there are.
2 heats top 2 and next two fastest times.
3 heats heat winner and next 3 fastest times.
4 heats heat winner and next 2 fastest times
5+ heats top 6 based on time only.

Field Events All competitors will get 3 throws. Then we will take the top 9 to finals and reseed, just like state.

Coaching: Schools will be asked to provide 1 coach to help with a field event. This info will be sent out as we get closer to the meet. Please remember that all coaching or encouraging athletes during running events and field events must be done from outside the track or outside the restricted competition area. Any coach or athlete not participating in that event must be outside the restricted areas of the track or field event being contested, violation could result in the disqualification of the competing athlete. Please check with the Event Official about where coaches are allowed during the competition. Coaches should also check with Event official about restricted and unrestricted areas for viewing video or pictures.

Infield No spectators or parents. The infield is for Coaches and competing athletes ONLY.

Athletic Trainer will be on hand for all sessions.

Facilities The track at St. Pius X is an all-weather track. ---1/4 inch spikes only on the track. Pyramid or needle spikes only, Spikes will be checked.

Entry Fee: Entry fees are $100.00 per SCHOOL or $10.00 per athlete if bringing fewer than 10 athletes.
Payments can be made by sending payment to
Ryan McClay
St. Pius X Catholic High School
2674 Johnson Rd. Ne
Atlanta, Ga 30345
Make checks payable to:
St. Pius X Catholic High School

Gate Fee FREE!

Concessions There will be a full concession area provided.

Hospitality Room will be in the press box for Coaches Only. No athletes allowed in that facility. Coaches please keep all athletes out of the press box.

Protests All protests or complaints must be directed to the Meet Director in writing.
The Games Committee will make all rule interpretations.

Rules All National Federation rules and GHSA rules will apply including jewelry and uniform rules. No electronics in the restricted competition area.Check with event official about non restricted areas for athletes to view video or pictures.

Relays One relay entry per team. When entering on line you must list 4 runners and 2 alternates---any of those 6 may run on the relay.

Clerk of Course Athletes must check in and stay with the clerk of course by 2nd call. Failure to check in and follow clerk's instructions will result in disqualification. Hip numbers will be issued to each athlete; they are to be placed on the left hip. We will walk the athletes out onto the track from the clerk area.

Results Will be posted below the press box at the conclusion of each event. Final results will be posted on and emailed to all coaches.

2015 Metro Area Championships

Saturday Morning Session:
10:00am - Coaches Meeting in press box

Boys Long Jump (2 flights and finals)
Girls Triple Jump (1 flight, 6 jumps each)
Boys Discus (3 flights and finals)
Girls Shot Put (2 flights and finals)
Girls Pole Vault (5 alive)
Boys High Jump (5 alive)

Boys 3200 (1 heat)

Girls 3200 (1 heat)

Boys Triple Jump (1 flight, 6 jumps each)
Girls Long Jump (2 flights and finals)
Girls High Jump (5 alive)

Girls Discus (2 flights and finals)
Boys Shot Put (3 flights and finals)
Boys Pole Vault (5 alive)

Saturday Afternoon Session
All running events are girls first, followed by boys

1:30pm 400m (4 girls, 4 boys heats)
2:00pm 100m (4 girls, 4 boys heats)
2:20pm 100/110m hurdles (2 girls, 2 boys heats)
2:35pm 800m (3 girls, 3 boys heats)
3:05pm 200m (4 girls, 3 boys heats)
3:30pm 300m hurdles (3 girls, 2 boys heats)

Tentative Monday Evening Session
All events are girls first, followed by boys
5:00pm 4x100m (1 heat of each)
5:10pm 1600m (2 heats of each)
5:40pm 400m (1 heat of each)
5:55pm 100m (1 heat of each)
6:10pm 100/110m hurdles (1 heat of each)
6:25pm 800m (1 heat of each)
6:40pm 200m (1 heat of each)
6:55pm 300m hurdles (1 heat of each)
7:10pm 4x800 (1 combined heat)
7:30pm 4x400m relay (2 heats of each, fast heat second, score based on time)