Meet Information

Registration help:

No fee, FAT, on-line entry only. No race day changes. You may substitute.

Heat sheets will be emailed to you the day of the meet. Let your athletes know the event order and their heat. We will move quickly and if they miss their heat we can't add them to a later heat.

Results will be posted live on First Call Timing's website and on ga.milesplit following the meet.

Everyone must enter through the main stadium entrance. Buses may drop off near job lobby. Do not pull down between the stadium and the school.

Please read the meet schedule carefully. Many local schools have transportation difficulties. The schedule is designed to allow all athletes to compete when they arrive and still complete the meet in a timely manner. If you can send your field event athletes over before your bus it would be helpful.

Meet Schedule:
Field events will begin as soon as the assigned field event judge arrives. All athletes will be worked in to those events when they arrive. High Jump will start as soon as all teams arrive. Girls before boys.

Running Schedule
5:15 300m hurdles
5:30 3200m run (combined)
5:30 Begin rolling schedule (girls before girls unless noted)
4 x 100m relay
400m dash
1600m run
100m dash
100m/110m hurdles (girls before boys)
800m run
200m dash
4 x 400m relay