Andrew Hudson

Gwinnett County Preview Andrew Hudson Sep 17, 2010

For all the anticipation, there's not much talk on the board about this meet.  Marc Bloom, the editor and publisher of The Harrier Magazine, recently wrote an article about Gwinnett County as Rift Valley South - one of the nation's hotbeds in high school distance running. Numerous state champions and All-Americans support this claim and make this meet one of the most anticipated and competitive county meets in the country. There are 23 high schools in Gwinnett County and they populate many of the classification state rankings.

All State Teams and Individuals Andrew Hudson Nov 9, 2005

These are the official top 10 end of the year team rankings along with the 1st and 2nd team all state members for the state of Georgia. This represents those that were selected for Team Georgia at the Foot Locker race. Being a part of Team Georgia only signifies that you will get a Georgia singlet to wear during the race and does not mean that others cannot go to represent Georgia at Foot Locker. Congratulations to all!

Season and weekend outlook! Andrew Hudson Aug 22, 2005

Just to let you know that the Cross Country season gets started in earnest this weekend - yes August 27 (!) with at least 4 invitationals. Most of the major programs will be in action. Temperatures have been in the mid-90\'s with heat indices over 100 but thankfully, it\'s supposed to cool off to the low 80\'s by the weekend (slightly better :-).