Therrell girls tie Blessed Trinity for team title in 5-AAA!

Despite not scoring in the 100m, 200m, or 400m, Blessed Trinity found a way to do what some might have thought impossible. In the latest team rankings, Therrell rated a number 3 state ranking while Blessed Trinity came in tied for 21st. After Brittany Long\'s amazing 100-200 double in 11.67 and 23.96, things appeared to be going Therrells way. A lot of attention was paid to the 300m hurdle race in 5-AAA but little did anyone know that it would play such a big part in the team title picture. Caroline Vaughn needed a big race in order to qualify for state, matched up against the powerful Jasmine Dacus of Westlake and Quaneshia Cleckley, of Therrell. These three young ladies represent the best in long hurdles in the state of Georgia and they did not disappoint on Monday night.

Cleckley had earlier claimed the 100m hurdle title earlier, 14.02 to 14.45 over Vaughn while Dacus had set the standard in the 400m race with a 55.47 win. There was no stopping Dacus as she blistered through the 3/4 lap race in an amazing 42.23. Hot on her trail was Vaughn of Blessed Trinity who surged ahead of Cleckley who finished a distant third in 43.67. The 2 point differential allowed Blessed Trinity to have a chance at the title with only the 4x400m race to go. Therrell had two teams in the finals while Blessed Trinity came in with the number 5 seeded time. They were able to hold onto that fifth spot while the ladies from Therrell did what they had to do, clocking a 3:50.61 for the win over a hard charging Westlake team that came in at 3:51.75. Two oustanding perfromances by two very talented teams, both deserving of the title as region champs. Good luck to both at state!