Samantha McGarity Named Gatorade Athlete Of The Year For XC

McGarity at the state meet this fall

Samantha McGarity, a junior from Harrison, put up one of the all time best performances at the state meet while defending her 7A title. Her time of 18:34 is the 22nd fastest in meet history, but it's the 8th fastest on the current layout of the course, which is one of the hardest versions. Adjusting for the course difficulty, by adding 25 seconds to performances from an easier version, McGarity ran about the 15th best performance in meet history. But the most impressive part of her performance was how fast it was in such warm conditions when so many others had much slower times than we normally see at state. McGarity also was one of only 8 girls to break the 18:00 barrier this year and she did it on a slower course than most. Given her consistent fast times and top finishes combined with her amazing state meet performance, it's easy to see why Gatorade chose her for this award.