Off The Tangents: 2022 GHSA State Meet Breakdown Podcast

The State Meet in Carrollton last weekend was a really exciting affair. There was a bunch of stuff to talk about. We break it all down in this week's podcast. Give it a listen!


0:00 - intro and new logo, which classification was the best

1:57 - The REAL winner at state this weekend

8:26 - 7A Breakdown

25:45 - 6A Breakdown

45:23 - 5A Breakdown

52:15 - 4A Breakdown

1:01:28 - 3A Breakdown

1:07:18 - 2A Breakdown

1:11:34 - 1A-d1 Breakdown

1:22:26 - 1A-d2 Breakdown

1:29:29 - Talking about the falls, does a change need to be made for athlete safety? If so, what kind of change?

1:35:14 - potential course improvements? Or is it iconic?