Claim Your MileSplit Georgia Athlete Profile!

MileSplit is the nation's premier historical network for high school track and field and cross country results, rankings, and news coverage. 

When hundreds of thousands of athletes across the nation compete in cross country and track and field, we here at MileSplit, create an athlete profile to document history. 

From results to rankings to meet photos, videos, and interviews, your athlete profile has it all! 

You can stake your claim to the sport's history by claiming your athlete profile. Doing so is as easy as these four quick steps:

First, create a MileSplit account if you have not already done so. To create an account, click on the person icon in the right hand corner of your screen and click 'sign up.' Follow the prompts on your screen to create your account. 

Now that you have an account and you are logged in, click the search button and type in you or your athlete's name. 

Once you have located your athlete profile, select the "Claim Athlete" button under the athlete's name, location, school or club name. 

Follow the prompts for verification. If you are claiming your own athlete profile, select the "This Is Me" option where it asks for your relationship. If you are claiming your child's profile, select the "Athlete's Parent/Guardian" option and then click the "Submit Claim" button. 

Once approved, you will have the opportunity to edit your profile picture. Learn more about how to do that here

Your athlete profile gives you your stats for each season for every performance that is in the database. You can track your progression season by season via the progression tab, view videos that are tagged to your athlete profile, view news articles from the MileSplit network that you are tagged in, along with photos and videos from meets that you or your athlete have competed in across the country. 

You now have full access to tag photos and videos straight to your athlete profile so you can keep all your cross country and track and field memories all in one historical location.