2021 GHSA Class 5A State Meet Preview

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Eoin McNally and Thaddee Barge will butt heads again at Carrollton for the 5A 800m title

5A Boys

One thing for certain is a new team champion will be crowned in 5A Boys. Of the contenders, only Dutchtown (2018) has won a team title in the past 10 years. This could be one of the tighter team battles amongst the larger schools. But, Decatur's distance Dawgs' came through Sectionals as prescribed, positioning themselves for a 'run' at the state team title and perhaps could end up being one of the rare track squads that win a GHSA state title with only distance event points and no other scoring opportunities... They will be sitting on their hands Saturday and biting fingernails having only one vent (800) they can score in, and be forced to watch everyone else creep closer after each event. 

Jones County qualified first in 3 events at McDonough Saturday, and Dutchtown (2018 champ) advanced their top sprinters, relay squads, and a hurdler in the 110h. Blessed Trinity qualified all their distance scoring opportunities, and Chapel Hill did well in the short sprints events. New Manchester did get nearly all of their potential scorers through to Carrollton. But unless Decatur has a blowout their position is strong.

Top Athletes to Watch

Jones County super-frosh Zion Ragins

Top Athletes to Watch (based on season bests)
Zion Ragins  Jones County - 10.47
Garrison Madden  Dutchtown - 10.65
Datakis Nunnally  Chapel Hill - 10.69
Zion Ragins  Jones County - 21.29
Keyshawn Buckley  Chapel Hill - 21.48
Tauheed Ferguson  Apalachee - 21.80
Erin Blount  Jones County - 48.52
Michael Simmons  Eastside - 48.78
Khalid Cramer  Dutchtown - 49.16
Tyler Hood  Chamblee - 1:54.83
Eoin McNally  Decatur - 1:55.07
Thaddee Barge  Clarkston - 1:55.82
Eoin McNally  Decatur - 4:19.14
Adam Wade  Blessed Trinity - 4:21.05
Christian Gonzalez  Decatur - 4:22.84
Christian Gonzalez  Decatur - 9:33.77
Kaleb Ellis  Harris County - 9:34.05
Daniel Blaich  Decatur - 9:37.23
Eric Toviave  Cartersville - 14.43
Alan Wright  Woodward - 14.61
Malik Smith  Dutchtown - 14.96
Fredrick Hamilton  Grady - 38.58
Dainsus Miller  Creekside - 38.63
Alan Wright  Woodward - 38.67
Chapel Hill - 41.69
Clarke Central - 41.94
Dutchtown - 42.08
SW DeKalb - 3:21.30
New Manchester - 3:21.30
Starrs Mill- 3:21.79
Decatur - 8:05.57
Chamblee - 8:10.44
Blessed Trinity - 8:10.48
Camden Williams  Wayne County - 178-02
Seth Allen  New Manchester - 176-06
Josh Dare  Creekside - 171-0
Shot Put:
Henry Kofowo  Stone Mountain - 53-5.50
Chase Ransom  Loganville - 53-04
Jacoby Johnson  Villa Rica - 52-2
High Jump:
Freddie Hawkins Woodland Stockbridge - 6-06
Aidan Hollomon  Greenbrier - 6-06
Long Jump:
Jordan McCants  Blessed Trinity - 23-4.25
Trevin Wallace  Wayne County - 23-4.25
Ebenezer Quashie  Hiram HS - 23-01
Triple Jump:
Dainsus Miller  Creekside - 48-10
Emmanuel Campbell Jonesboro - 47-3.50
Jordan McCants  Blessed Trinity - 46-08
Pole Vault:
Alden McDonald  Greenbrier - 15-00
Andrew Rexrode  Harris County - 14-01
Quinn Neal  Whitewater - 14-01
Dylan Faulkner  Calhoun - 14-00

5A Girls

Woodward wins the 4x200 at Big Orange relays

An interesting mix of teams in Class 5A will be aiming to seize the team title after COVID-19 destroyed the 2020 season. Woodward Academy hasn't won a team title in 7 years but is in a position to claim the top Podium spot this weekend. They suffered a loss at the region meet as Olivia Powell did not compete at Sectionals. But, the youthful War Eagles still have enough firepower with their speed, led by their senior hurdler/triple jumper Savannah Simms, and their relay squads could be the key to the team title.

Blessed Trinity, St. Pius, and Marist girls bonding together pre-race

The 5A girls 1600 and 3200-meter races are going to be must-watch events on the LIVE STREAM Thursday and Friday nights. Blessed Trinity and St. Pius X are a tale of 2 of the most dominant distance/XC squads in the history of Georgia high school girls running. They know each other well and are probably friends until the gun sounds. If Woodward suffers a miscue or two, these distance powers could be lurking close behind, and likely, even in the lead until the 300 hurdles finals. Maynard Jackson could also push the 2 private schools to have a couple of elite athletes themselves. Chapel Hill has speed and a top thrower that could put them in contention for a team Podium spot. Check out the "Top Athletes to Watch' list below. As nearly every race is going down to the wire with many 'photo-finishes. 

Top Athletes to Watch

Yahnari Lyons of Jonesboro could triple in 5A.

Top Athletes to Watch (based on Season Bests)

Yahnari Lyons  Jonesboro - 11.65
Lashanti Williams  Clarke Central - 11.86
Derica Price  Chapel Hill - 11.96
Dae'Nitra Hester  New Manchester - 24.29
Yahnari Lyons  Jonesboro - 24.34
Madison Gardner  Banneker - 24.41
Madison Gardener  Banneker - 54.59
Jasmine Gryne  Woodland Stockbridge - 55.85
Dae'Nitra Hester  New Manchester - 55.92
Kenyah Conner  Woodward - 2:15.32
Jamie Marlowe  Grady - 2:16.13
Emma Jacobs  Blessed Trinity - 2:17.32
Hannah Miniutti  Blessed Trinity - 4:57.99
Hannah Schemmel  St. Pius X - 4:58.84
Mary Brady  St. Pius X - 5:00.78
Hannah Miniutti  Blessed Trinity - 10:30.84
Hannah Schemmel  St. Pius X - 10:40.22
Mary Brady  St. Pius X - 10:41.90
Jessicka Woods  Maynard Jackson - 13.82
Yahnari Lyons  Jonesboro - 14.01
Ivory Davis  Banneker - 14.10
Savannah Simms  Woodward - 42.90
Jessicka Woods  Maynard Jackson - 42.98
Jasmine Gryne  Woodland Stockbridge - 43.98
Decatur - 47.54
Maynard Jackson - 47.85
Banneker - 47.99
Banneker - 3:57.30
Woodward - 3:57.78
Stockbridge - 3:59.39
Woodward - 9:54.29
Blessed Trinity - 9:59.39
Grady - 10:01.77
Zemaya Carson  Warner Robins - 139-03
Jae'l Dunn  Stockbridge - 135-0
Bre'Yana Hill  Maynard Jackson - 130-01
Shot Put:
Bre'Yana Hill  Maynard Jackson - 44-03
Kassidy Amerson-Fox  Chapel Hill - 42-3.50
Jae'l Dunn  Stockbridge - 41-10.25
High Jump:
Ariel Raggs  Chamblee - 5-02.50
Long Jump:
Lashanti Williams  Clarke Central - 19-03
Peyton Funderburk  Woodward - 19-02
Dae'Nitra Hester  New Manchester - 18-07
Triple Jump:
Savannah Simms  Woodward - 39-5.75
Peyton Funderburk  Woodward - 38-05
Shynique McGee  Tri-Cities - 38-03
Pole Vault:
Charlotte Hodge  St. Pius X - 12-09
Layla Keadle  North Springs - 11-07
Mahlahne Walker  Chapel Hill - 11-0