2021 Outdoor Track: 1600m Duel of the Hannah's at War Eagle

Hannah Miniutti of Blessed Trinity and St. Pius X ace Hannah Schemmel had an epic duel at the 2021 War Eagle Invite on Saturday. Miniutti came out on top clocking a new #1 all-classes season-best time of 4:57.99, Schemmel put together a mad dash down the homestretch, but ran out of track settling for a time of 4:58.84. Miniutti commented on her race, "After coming off on my most recent cross country season, I felt myself struggling with confidence in regards to my fitness entering into this track season. I knew that in order to have the track season I wanted, I was going to have to take 4 weeks off after the cross country state meet. With this, however, came the recovery that I needed in order to get back towards where I wanted to be at the start of the track season. Going into this race, I knew that I had to keep an open mind given the high level of competition. Once the gun went off, I was thankful for having entered with that mindset as it turned out to be a very strategic race. Rather than going out in a typical 74 or 75, the field took the first lap in an 80 which was definitely slower than anyone was anticipating. We picked up the pace a little bit during the second lap, but only by about 4 seconds. Given this, the race ended up turning into more of an 800 meaning that I had to trust in my kick. I was feeling really smooth and under control, so I decided to take the lead at around 500 meters to go. I was able to hold off the field to the finish closing my last 800 in a 2:21 which brought me to a final time of 4:57. I am super thankful to get the opportunity to race again such high-caliber runners in meets such as this one. I cannot wait for what is to come for the rest of the season! 

Blessed Trinity, St. Pius X, and Marist girls pull together pre-race.