Top Georgia HS Girls Cross Country Runners In Week 9

There were three big meets in Week 9 including Wingfoot XC Classic, Atlanta Classic and the Jefferson Invitational. Instead of choosing an All-Classes 'ROW' the community will vote on that choice in a separate article that will follow this one. 

7A Girls 

 Athlete: Morgan Grace Sheffield
 School: Denmark
 Place-Time: 3rd, 19:11
 Meet: Atlanta Classic

6A Girls 

Athlete: Elle Mezzio
 School: Riverwood International
 Place-Time: Champ, 18:58
 Meet: Wingfoot XC Classic

5A Girls 

Athlete: Rylee Evans
 School: Woodland
 Place-Time: 2nd, 18:58
 Meet: Atlanta Classic

4A Girls 

Athlete: Katherine Law
 School: Jefferson
 Place-Time: Champ, 18:34
 Meet: Jefferson Invitational

3A Girls 

 Athlete: Cate Stevens
 School: Westminster
 Place-Time: Champ, 20:07
 Meet: Westminster Meet 10-7

2A Girls 

 Athlete: Tristen Crosby
 School: Bleckley County
 Place-Time: Champ, 20:47 (the tough course layout)
 Meet: Bleckley County Invitational

A Private Girls 

 Athlete: Kendall Lynes
 School: Savannah Christian Prep
 Place-Time: Champ, 20:54
 Meet: Hill on Wheels Fishy

A Public Girls 

 Athlete: Marissa Kimple
 School: Armuchee
 Place-Time: 2nd, 19:57
 Meet: Rockmart Invitational

Independent Girls 

 Athlete: Janie Sandel
School: Johnson Ferry
Place-Time: 5th, 19:33
Meet: Atlanta Classic