Top Georgia MS Girls Cross Country Runners In Week Four

There were only four really big meets for middle schoolers in week four, including the AT&T Panther meet, North Oconee Home Meet 9-3, Run at the Rock, and Cobb County MS Championships. The only distances competed at were the 2-Mile and 3000 meter run. Below are the middle school girls 'Who Won the Week'.

2 Mile Run

Athlete: Eva Swales
School: Walker
Place-Time: Champ, 13:08
Meet: Cobb County MS Championships

Athlete: Emily Hohl
School: Allatoona Jr. Bucs
Place-Time: runner-up, 13:24
Meet: Cobb County MS Championships

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Athlete: Paige Comstock
School: Edge Running Club
Place-Time: 3rd, 13:32
Meet: Cobb County MS Championships

3000 Meter Run

Athlete: Azalea Snell
School: Loganville Christian
Place-Time: Champ, 
Meet: North Oconee 9-3

Athlete: Amelia Ogden
School: Great Strides
Place-Time: Champ, 
Meet: AT&T Panther

Athlete: Shari Brown
School: Landmark Christian
Place-Time: runner-up, 
Meet: AT&T Panther