GHSA Guidance On Returning To Restricted Condtioning By 6/8

The GHSA met on May 21st met online and discussed guidelines for returning to conditioning on June 8 with restrictions that will be in place.


May 21, 2020 Memo To: Member Schools

From: James R. Hines, Jr.  
Re: Returning to Conditioning

The Georgia High School Association will open up conditioning for its member schools on June 8, 2020. The plan is restrictive and provides for conditioning only. As the data related to COVID-19 continues to improve, restrictions may be reduced after input from our health care professionals and guidance from our Governor. Please make every effort to follow the recommendations and restrictions included in the guidance provided. As you return to conditioning, keep in mind that the majority of your athletes have "deconditioned" the past two months and need to work into what would be normal for this time of year. Reduce the work and gradually increase the workouts with time. Finally, ensure that your school and system leadership are aware of this guidance and have the opportunity to provide input into your plan to move forward with conditioning and for preparing and maintaining your facilities. Keep in mind that member schools may be more restrictive than the guidance but may not be less restrictive. There has never been a time more critical time for athletic departments, school administration, and system-level administrators to work together. Thank you for all you do for your athletes and please follow the guidance appropriately and keep everyone safe.