John Higinbotham: Day 2 @ Foot Locker Nationals

Another great day in San Diego. Despite the jet lag, I, and most of the other south boys slept well. After sleeping in as long as possible, I ate a inadvisably large breakfast including eggs, bacon, hash browns, a bagel, and steak.

After breakfast, everyone rode to Balboa park for a course run with pro athletes. The course certainly will require a lot of strength. It has almost every surface: dirt, grass, gravel, mud, and asphalt It also has numerous sharp turns as well as constant hills, including about the steepest up and downhill I have raced. Steep enough that a lot of the guys decided to just walk up it in order to save their legs.

After lunch I relaxed, stretched, rolled, and walked along the beach. I am going to dinner and then for a program that offers another chance to interact with the New Balance athletes. The nervous excitement is setting in writing this!