Lions Invitational Captured In Photos

Lions Invitational

(photos by Dan McCauley)

Varsity Boys

Varsity Boys Start

Varsity Boys blast down the first descent

Varsity Boys Leaders

Christian Gonzalez and Eoin McNally set the pace

Eoin McNally - Varsity Boys Winner

Christian Gonzalez - 2nd place Varsity Boys

Bram Mansbach - 3rd place Varsity Boys

Varsity Girls

Varsity Girls start

McKenna Croft goes to work

McKenna Croft - Varsity Girls Winner

Luna McCauley - 2nd place Varsity Girls

Kat Sweeney - 3rd place Varsity Girls

JV Boys

JV Boys descend the opening drop off

JV Boys Leaders

Troy Waine - JV Boys Champion

Dennis Ash - 2nd place JV Boys

Eric Dalva - 3rd place JV Boys

JV Girls

JV Girls start

Camryn Curtis - JV Girls Leader

Lauren Lamphier - JV Girls 2nd place

Dresden Jolly and Jianna Hibbler battle for 3rd place in the JV Girls race

Mixed Open Race

Alexander Boys

Mixed Open Race Start

Camryn Curtis - JV Girls Champion

Top 8 Varsity Girls

McKenna Croft - Varsity Girls Champion

Top Varsity Boys

Eoin McNally - Varsity Boys Champion

Grady High School -  Varsity Girls Champions

Decatur High School - Varsity Boys Champions

Bye Bye!

Complete Race Results