Condra of Peachtree Ridge Sets School Records

Chase Condra with Coach Matt Adams

Last week Chase broke his own 5000m record at Parkview (15:20) and this weekend, he broke the 2000m Steeplechase record (6:30)

Chase, what in the world made you pursue the 3000m Steeplechase?

I wanted to pursue the steeplechase because it was always a random event that was never an option for me but I always heard about it. I love cross country and trail running so when I heard about jumping barriers and going through water I knew I would do it. When the first opportunity for me to run the event came I told my coach right away I wanted to be in the race. 

How difficult/hard is this event?

I thought that the steeplechase was going to be pretty easy honestly. I saw that a qualifying time of 6:15 would get me to nationals and I though I could totally do that. Unfortunately that didn't happen and the race was a lot harder than I thought. I probably could of got a better time if I knew how to jump over the barriers better. The water jump was the worst because I would almost come to a complete stop every time and my feet just kept getting heavier. 

Are you considering contesting the event collegiately?

 I feel like the event would be a fun event for me on the college level but for me to want to competitively compete I'm going to have to get a better form going over the barriers. If I was able to do that then I feel like this could be an event I do very well in but as of now I feel stronger in other events. 

What are the rewards for yourself in excelling in the Steeple?

I wanted to do good at the steeplechase because I wanted the school record which I was able to pull off and try to make nationals. I didn't make nationals but I still had a great time running the race and would do it again if I had the chance.

Would you recommend this event to aspiring distance runners in HS to compete at the next level?

I believe that HS runners especially long distance runners could go to college for this event. Kids who are solid long distance runners but are built more for strength and hill running can exceed in the race more because it involves enough strength to be able to jump over 25 barriers with watery feet. 

Do you believe the Steeplechase should  be a contested event at GHSA State?

I would love to see the steeplechase at GHSA state. I would love to be in the race also. This was my first time experiencing this race and I ran a 6:30. If I could get more experience and also have more competition by opening up the race to the whole state then my time could improve. There are a lot of runners out there where this race would open doors to colleges for them and give them a knew event that is fun to watch and participate in.