Week 5 Georgia HS Girls Runners of the Week

All Classes- MAKENA GATES of Creekview, 1st at Warpath in 18:02.

7A MALLIE MACKENZIE of Roswell, 3rd at Big Peach Mustang in 19:38.

6A- SOPHIE BOICE of Pope, 5th at Warpath in 19:13

5A- HALEY ROSE of Decatur, 2nd at Lions Invitational 18:59.
4A- CAROLINE McARTHUR of Oconee County, 4th at Warpath in 19:08.

3A-  HALEY HOOPER of Lovett,  3rd at Warpath in 18:44.

2A- REBECCA CHANDLER of Berrien County, 4th at the Bainbridge Bearcat Invitational in 21:45.

A Private- ERIN FEGANS of Landmark Christian, 1st at Lions Invitational in 18:45.

A Public- - KATELYN TAYLOR OF ACE Charter, 23:33 at Release the Hounds.

Independent- EMERY RYAN of John Milledge, 6th at Release The Hounds in 20:06.