GHSA AAAAAAA Boys State Meet Preview

Newton HS, had a great run in 2016, even with All-American, Elija Godwin powering their efforts, the Rams lost some key cogs, and it's inevitable a new 7A State team champion will arise, along with Individual Champs. Leave no doubt, this class has so many talented athletes, its impossible for us to list all the athletes who may contend for Individual titles. On paper, the Virtual meet below, is based on Sectional performances only. But, with this much talent, almost everyone had to go 98-100% just to Q', especially in the Sprints, Jumps and Relays. Based on how no distance heavy squads are listed in the top 5, no amount of gamesmanship is going to benefit any of those schools in making a serious run at a Podium spot. 

Westlake and Parkview have been building their programs for years, and after having disappointing outings in Jefferson in 2016, are ready to dance on the big stage and find out who's the man. Both squads are similar, being stout in the sprints, relays and jumps. Westlake has a definite advantage in the hurdles, but Parkview can score in the distance events. One miscue by either school could change the fate for the State title. Westlake's top athletes are: Cameron Murray (triple threat), Rashaad Pollard and Torique King. Parkview is led by Amir Harris, Justin Long, Christian Corsello and Brian Hauch. Let's not toss South Gwinnett out of the mix. The Comets have speed to burn and hurdles power from 2 great athletes, in Antuane Dennard and Terell Smith. The final team Podium spot is wfo, with contenders being: Lakeside DeKalb, East Coweta, Milton, Shiloh, Marietta and Newton.

The distance events held at Sectionals were chaotic at Mill Creek and predictable at McEachern. Go to the Outdoor Season Best Rankings, to get a better grip on what can actually occur on raceday. I believe, Sam Bowers of Milton is the favorite to double in the 1600/3200. Ryne Bevan of North Paulding, looks too strong in the 800m down the homestretch. Dax Willette of Rockdale County missed out Q' in that frantic 1600 at Mill Creek, but it may pay off for him in the 3200m race.

Top Athletes to Watch:

Elija Godwin of Newton- 100, 200, TJ, Relays

Brian Herron of Lakeside DeKalb- 400, 200, Relays

Antuane Dennard of South Gwinnett- 110h, 300h, HJ, Relays

Cameron Murray of Westlake- 100, 200, LJ, Relays

Julian McDuffie of Shiloh- 300h, 400, TJ, Relays

Terell Smith of South Gwinnett- 100, 200, Relays

Rashaad Pollard of Westlake- 100, 200, Relays

Amir Harris of Parkview- 200, 400, LJ, Relays (photo by Daniel McCauley)

Justin Long of Parkview (r)- 400, 200, Relays (photo by Daniel McCauley)

Ryne Bevan of North Paulding- 800, 1600

Sam Bowers of Milton- 1600, 3200

Michael Malkowski of Milton- 1600

Hayden Tullos of Marietta- 3200, 1600

Dax Willette of Rockdale- 3200

Nicholas Yanek #2 of Milton- 3200

Kaleb Wolfenden of Lowndes- 800, 1600

Torique King of Westlake- LJ

Matthew Haller of North Gwinnett- HJ

Brian Hauch of Parkview- PV

Jack Haller of West Forsyth- PV

Daniel Surman of Archer- PV

Team Scores

2Parkview High School58
3South Gwinnett46
4East Coweta32.5
5Lakeside HS, DeKalb31
6Shiloh High School27
7Marietta High School25.5
9Lowndes High School24.43
10Milton High School24
11Archer HS22.43
12Collins Hill High School21
12McEachern High School21
14North Paulding HS20
17Mill Creek High School19
18Pebblebrook High School18.5
19Rockdale Co.18
20Lambert HS16.5
21Camden County14
22Roswell High School13
23North Gwinnett12.5
24Walton High School12.43
25Lassiter High School8.93
26West Forsyth High School8
27Central Gwinnett6
29Campbell High School4
29Meadowcreek HS4
29Norcross High School4
29South Forsyth High School4
33North Forsyth3
35Woodstock High School1.93
36Forsyth Central1.43
36Mountain View HS1.43
38North Cobb High School0.5

100 Meter Dash

1Terell Smith2018South Gwinnett10.66 10
2Elijah Miller2017Collins Hill High School10.68 8
3Rashaad Pollard2017Westlake10.72 6
4Demarius Smith2017Parkview High School10.74 4.5
4Kibren Moore2019Pebblebrook High School10.74 4.5
6Terry Newell2017Brookwood10.88 3
7Montrell Washington2017Cherokee10.89 2
8Daniel Robinson2018Archer HS10.90 1
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200 Meter Dash

1Elija Godwin2018Newton21.46 10
2Amir Harris2017Parkview High School21.47 8
3Kibren Moore2019Pebblebrook High School21.57 6
4Brian Herron2019Lakeside HS, DeKalb21.58 5
5Rashaad Pollard2017Westlake21.63 4
6Terell Smith2018South Gwinnett21.70 3
7Justin Long2018Parkview High School21.82 2
8Morgan Jamison2019Lowndes High School21.85 1
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400 Meter Dash

1Brian Herron2019Lakeside HS, DeKalb46.15 10
2Elija Godwin2018Newton46.54 8
3Julian McDuffie2017Shiloh High School47.83 6
4Justin Long2018Parkview High School47.98 5
5Jared Hayes2017Mill Creek High School48.00 4
6Garrett Shedrick2019Hillgrove48.26 3
7Amir Harris2017Parkview High School48.27 2
8Christian Whitehead2017Shiloh High School48.72 1
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800 Meter Run

1Kaleb Wolfenden2017Lowndes High School1:55.75 9
1Ryne Bevan2017North Paulding HS1:55.75 9
3Michael Abudu2018McEachern High School1:55.92 6
4Jordan Smith2017Central Gwinnett1:56.51 5
5Lee Keil2018Lambert HS1:56.52 4
6Lamar Weeden2017East Coweta1:56.85 3
7Kyle Harkabus2020East Coweta1:57.35 2
8Montgomery Tavares2017Hillgrove1:57.41 1
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1,600 Meter Run

1Kyle Harkabus2020East Coweta4:23.20 10
2Sam Bowers2018Milton High School4:23.60 8
3Michael Malkowski2018Milton High School4:23.75 6
4Kaleb Wolfenden2017Lowndes High School4:25.42 5
5Tyler Fox2018Lambert HS4:25.99 4
6Hayden Tullos2017Marietta High School4:26.13 3
7Christian Corsello2018Parkview High School4:26.49 2
8Jordan Smith2017Central Gwinnett4:26.50 1
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3,200 Meter Run

1Dax Willette2017Rockdale Co.9:20.29 10
2Hayden Tullos2017Marietta High School9:33.99 8
3Nicholas Yanek2018Milton High School9:38.53 6
4Merrick Rizzo2017Collins Hill High School9:39.32 5
5James Cragin2018Archer HS9:39.58 4
6Christian Corsello2018Parkview High School9:39.65 3
7Patrick Smith2017Brookwood9:40.54 2
8Gruem Tesfamariam2017Brookwood9:40.71 1
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110 Meter Hurdles

1Antuane Dennard2017South Gwinnett13.98 10
2Cameron Murray2018Westlake14.07 8
3Julian Martin-Rogers2018Mill Creek High School14.28 6
4Amir Davis2017McEachern High School14.52 5
5Alex Gibbs-Poe2018Lambert HS14.76 3.5
5Myles Marshall2019Lassiter High School14.76 3.5
7Chase Murray2018Shiloh High School14.81 2
8Thomas Harrison2018Collins Hill High School14.84 1
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300 Meter Hurdles

1Antuane Dennard2017South Gwinnett37.08 10
2Cameron Murray2018Westlake37.80 8
3Devontavius McClendon2017North Paulding HS38.41 6
4Decovin Norwood2018Pebblebrook High School38.44 5
5Jeffrey Young2017McEachern High School38.47 4
6Josh Bell2017Roswell High School39.17 3
7Chris Williams2017Hillgrove39.21 2
8Khari Johnson2017Lassiter High School39.24 1
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4x100 Meter Relay

1Westlake40.72 10
2Parkview High School41.12 8
3South Gwinnett41.62 6
4Hillgrove41.69 5
5Campbell High School41.77 4
6Lassiter High School41.78 3
7McEachern High School41.81 2
8Archer HS41.99 1
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4x400 Meter Relay

1Shiloh High School3:18.06 10
2Hillgrove3:18.19 8
3Westlake3:18.62 6
4North Paulding HS3:19.04 5
5McEachern High School3:19.23 4
6Parkview High School3:19.95 3
7Newton3:20.12 2
8Rockdale Co.3:21.70 1
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Long Jump

1Cameron Murray2018Westlake24-4.75 10
2Amir Harris2017Parkview High School22-11 8
3Rj Goss2018Camden County22-5.5 6
4Jalen Kidd2017Lambert HS22-2 5
5Davis Smith2018Milton High School22-0.5 4
6Bryson Trigg2019North Forsyth21-9.5 3
7Jovan Rembert2018East Coweta21-8 1.5
7Noah Ware2017Marietta High School21-8 1.5
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Triple Jump

1Torique King2017Westlake47-1 10
2Julian McDuffie2017Shiloh High School46-10 8
3Kai Shearer2017Marietta High School45-10.5 6
4Elija Godwin2018Newton45-6.5 5
5Rj Goss2018Camden County45-4.5 4
6Christian Swann2017Pebblebrook High School45-0.25 3
7Joshua Downs2020North Gwinnett44-4.5 2
8cj sullivan2017Camden County44-1 1
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High Jump

1Matthew Haller2017North Gwinnett6-8 10
2Antuane Dennard2017South Gwinnett6-6 7
2Sundi Washington2020Rockdale Co.6-6 7
4Brayden Carey2019East Coweta6-4 4
4Jakobi Widener2017Norcross High School6-4 4
4Skyler Lester2017Marietta High School6-4 4
7Alex Petz2017Woodstock High School6-2 0.5
7Andrew Ramsammy2017Mill Creek High School6-2 0.5
7Brandon Harvey2018Parkview High School6-2 0.5
7Kafele Adisa2017Mill Creek High School6-2 0.5
7Rashan Alkins2019North Cobb High School6-2 0.5
7Trisstan Weddington2019North Gwinnett6-2 0.5
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Pole Vault

1Brian Hauch2019Parkview High School15-4.25 10
2Jack Haller2018West Forsyth High School15-0 8
3Tyler Schwartz2017Walton High School14-6 6
4Simeon Lipsey2017Archer HS13-0 5
5Adam Keller2018Mountain View HS12-6 1.429
5Chris Clark2018Lassiter High School12-6 1.429
5Daniel Surman2017Archer HS12-6 1.429
5Hunter Cagle2019Forsyth Central12-6 1.429
5Ian Woody2018Walton High School12-6 1.429
5John Patterson2018Lowndes High School12-6 1.429
5Logan Venable2018Woodstock High School12-6 1.429
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Shot Put

1Nate Wonsley2018Roswell High School54-7 10
2Abiodun David2017Lowndes High School52-7.5 8
3Joshua Render2018East Coweta52-5 6
4Matthew Smith2017Walton High School50-10 5
5Ridvan Kazimov2019South Forsyth High School50-1.5 4
6Nick Kennedy2017Camden County49-10.5 3
7Charles Jordan2019Parkview High School49-8 2
8Darrell Abram2017Hillgrove49-4.5 1
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1Sam Wright2017Archer HS153-6 10
2Jack Griffith2018Mill Creek High School145-11 8
3Ethan Brown2018East Coweta140-11 6
4Jonathan Postell2017Collins Hill High School140-10 5
5Mark Haynes2018Meadowcreek HS138-9 4
6Robert Baker2018Marietta High School137-5 3
7Darwin Lisbey2018Collins Hill High School136-7 2
8Aston Beavers2019Westlake136-0 1
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200 Meter Wheelchair Race

1Robert Berry2017Dacula31.73 10
2Chance Boyd2017Lakeside HS, DeKalb41.86 8
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800 Meter Wheelchair Race

1Robert Berry2017Dacula2:03.24 10
2Chance Boyd2017Lakeside HS, DeKalb3:06.15 8