GHSA AAAA Girls State Meet Preview

Chapel Hill placed a strong 2nd behind North Springs in AAAAA last season. Then 2 magical things occurred...The Panthers dropped down in class, but so did Monroe Albany down to AAA, perhaps grading the road to a team State title this weekend (if everyone makes it thru Friday's forecast of 90% thunderstorms) Chapel Hill has speed to kill, individually, relays, hurdles and should score in the jumps and distance maybe..

I'm not certain, how close to the vest Marist played it at Sectionals (distance) as Schellman has an 11:26 3200m time from 4/12, but 1 miscue by Chapel Hill and its gonna' get hairy...Woodward Academy could pour on 30 or more points on the Field thanks mainly to thrower Makenli Forrest and should be a Podium canidate, along with Baldwin, whose has triple threat Zykeria Williams, along with more speed, relays and big hops. North Oconee possibly has the most balanced attack across the board of these 5 teams, and may be right in there as well led by sprinter Sheleah Harris. In the Vault, can Mary Person's Carson Dingler go for 14-0 shattering the GHSA record books? 

Top Athletes to Watch:

Zykeria Williams of Baldwin- 100, 100h, LJ, Relays

Sheleah Harris of North Oconee- 100, 200, Relays

Angel Amadi of Chapel Hill- 100, 200, Relays

Aliyah Sangster of Chapel Hill- 400, 200, Relays and Olympian Hazel Clark

Kiana Banks of Spalding- 400, 200, 4x400

Emma Rose Bagwell of Blessed Trinity- 800, 1600

Maddie Heller of Blessed Trinity- 1600, 800

Josie Wirtz of Marist- 3200, 1600

Olympia High of Mary Persons- 300h, 100h, TJ

Kayla Alexander of Chapel Hill- 100h, LJ, Relays (photo by Daniel McCauley)

Moena Battle of North Clayton- HJ

India Turk of Howard- TJ, LJ

Rachel Gearing of White County- TJ, LJ

Carson Dingler of Mary Persons- PV

Olivia Moore of Pickens County

Makenli Forrest of Woodward- Discus, Shot

Cody Chandler of North Oconee- Shot, Discus (Reese Hoffa in da house!)

Team Scores

1Chapel Hill High School61
3Woodward Academy49.5
4Baldwin High School48.5
5North Oconee48
6White County High School35
7Mary Persons34
8Blessed Trinity33
9Howard High School25
10Columbus High School19
11Sandy Creek17
11Westover High School17
13Oconee County High School16
14Spalding High School15
14St. Pius X15
16Luella High school14
16West Laurens High School14
18Shaw High School13
19Jefferson High School10.5
20North Clayton High School10.33
21Pickens County10
22Richmond Academy9.5
23Henry County High School9
24G.W. Carver, Columbus8
24Heritage HS, Catoosa8
29Madison County3
30Cartersville High School2.5
30Cross Creek2.5
30Gilmer High2.5
30Northside Columbus2.5
30West Hall High School2.5
35Burke County1

100 Meter Dash

1Miriam Waters2018Woodward Academy11.91 10
2Sheleah Harris2020North Oconee11.96 8
3Camryn Mathis2018Henry County High School12.07 6
4Angel Amadi2017Chapel Hill High School12.10 5
5Talaya Lewis2019Richmond Academy12.31 4
6Khayla McKeller2019Shaw High School12.40 3
7Ariyonna Jones2020West Laurens High School12.61 2
8Brittany Trawick2018Baldwin High School12.63 0.5
8Mallory Harris2020Northside Columbus12.63 0.5
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200 Meter Dash

1Zykeria Williams2017Baldwin High School24.40 10
2Sheleah Harris2020North Oconee24.95 8
3Aliyah Sangster2017Chapel Hill High School24.98 6
4Kiana Banks2018Spalding High School24.99 5
5Angel Amadi2017Chapel Hill High School25.04 4
6Camryn Mathis2018Henry County High School25.22 3
7Carlandra Jones2017West Laurens High School25.25 2
8Talaya Lewis2019Richmond Academy25.34 1
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400 Meter Dash

1Kiana Banks2018Spalding High School55.73 10
2Aliyah Sangster2017Chapel Hill High School57.49 8
3Carlandra Jones2017West Laurens High School58.39 6
4Rachel Gearing2018White County High School58.57 5
5Kendria Edouard2017Chapel Hill High School58.85 4
6Jozalyn Albright2018Hardaway59.01 3
7Alex Potts2018Woodward Academy59.31 2
8Lisa Osondu2018Luella High school59.33 1
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800 Meter Run

1Emma Rose Bagwell2018Blessed Trinity2:15.42 10
2Maddie Heller2017Blessed Trinity2:17.75 8
3Jaelen Alexander2019White County High School2:18.08 6
4Nicole Pachuta2018Oconee County High School2:18.63 5
5Meg Fennelly2018Marist2:19.89 4
6Ilene Soleyn2019Chapel Hill High School2:20.26 3
7Tia Gray2017Northside Columbus2:25.20 2
8Dana Belville2017St. Pius X2:26.56 1
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1,600 Meter Run

1Josie Wirtz2018Marist5:05.45 10
2Nicole Pachuta2018Oconee County High School5:13.60 8
3Kathleen Maley2019Marist5:15.22 6
4Emma Rose Bagwell2018Blessed Trinity5:25.13 5
5Maddie Heller2017Blessed Trinity5:25.15 4
6Caroline McArthur2019Oconee County High School5:28.97 3
7Jordan Rozier2019Howard High School5:30.98 2
8Morgan Vaden2020St. Pius X5:31.18 1
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3,200 Meter Run

1Josie Wirtz2018Marist11:50.52 10
2Morgan Vaden2020St. Pius X11:51.95 8
3Lindsey Grater2018Chestatee12:05.44 6
4Mackenzie Morse2017North Oconee12:12.74 5
5Gabby Huff-Streiter2017North Oconee12:23.65 4
6Jordan Rozier2019Howard High School12:24.56 3
7Jessica Tardy2018St. Pius X12:28.66 2
8Garnet Brown2017Woodward Academy12:29.87 1
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100 Meter Hurdles

1Zykeria Williams2017Baldwin High School14.05 10
2Olympia High2017Mary Persons14.37 8
3Chastity Pickett2019Westover High School14.80 6
4Kennedy Davis2017Sandy Creek14.95 5
5Kayla Alexander2018Chapel Hill High School15.13 4
6Hattie Chancy2017Marist15.52 3
7Olivia Moore2018Pickens County15.89 2
8Chaya Campbell2017Sandy Creek16.23 1
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300 Meter Hurdles

1Olympia High2017Mary Persons44.16 10
2Chastity Pickett2019Westover High School45.27 8
3Hattie Chancy2017Marist45.95 6
4Kennedy Davis2017Sandy Creek46.08 5
5Lisa Osondu2018Luella High school46.53 4
6Taylor Love2017Jefferson High School46.80 3
7Megan Dew2017Chestatee46.83 2
8Jakayla Hubert2019Baldwin High School47.06 1
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4x100 Meter Relay

1Chapel Hill High School46.88 10
2North Oconee48.14 8
3Woodward Academy48.16 6
4Baldwin High School48.26 5
5Howard High School49.31 4
6Sandy Creek49.50 3
7Luella High school49.57 2
8Burke County49.62 1
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4x400 Meter Relay

1Chapel Hill High School3:53.96 10
2Marist4:00.55 8
3White County High School4:01.84 6
4Shaw High School4:03.20 5
5West Laurens High School4:03.66 4
6Baldwin High School4:03.74 3
7Blessed Trinity4:05.20 2
8Richmond Academy4:05.31 1
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High Jump

1Moena Battle2017North Clayton High School5-8 10
2Jada Blanton2020Luella High school5-2 7
2Mollie Speights2020Baldwin High School5-2 7
4Adair Sawyer2017Woodward Academy5-0 2.5
4Kianni Westbrook2019Cross Creek5-0 2.5
4Kiernan Schmidt2018White County High School5-0 2.5
4Kinsey Wilson2020West Hall High School5-0 2.5
4Rowe Fowler2019Gilmer High5-0 2.5
4Sarah Olatidoye2019Woodward Academy5-0 2.5
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Long Jump

1Zykeria Williams2017Baldwin High School18-11 10
2India Turk2020Howard High School18-4.5 8
3Brittany Floyd2017Columbus High School18-2.5 6
4Kayla Alexander2018Chapel Hill High School17-10.75 5
5Rachel Gearing2018White County High School17-9.75 4
6Kennedy Davis2017Sandy Creek17-5.75 3
7Brittany Trawick2018Baldwin High School17-3.5 2
8Dalania Clardy2017North Clayton High School17-2 0.333
8Jada Grant2019LaGrange17-2 0.333
8Jozalyn Albright2018Hardaway17-2 0.333
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Triple Jump

1Rachel Gearing2018White County High School38-4.5 10
2India Turk2020Howard High School38-2 8
3Olympia High2017Mary Persons36-11 6
4Akera Benton2018Jefferson High School36-5 5
5Jada Grant2019LaGrange36-4.5 4
6Kristion Jeffries2018Westover High School35-8.5 3
7Angel Amadi2017Chapel Hill High School35-6 2
8Brittany Floyd2017Columbus High School35-1.5 1
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Pole Vault

1Carson Dingler2017Mary Persons13-1.25 10
2Olivia Moore2018Pickens County12-6 8
3Alex Potts2018Woodward Academy10-0 5.5
3Anais Marenco2018Marist10-0 5.5
5Alexa Montello2018North Oconee9-6 3
5Journey Gurley2019Madison County9-6 3
5Sarah Tyner2018St. Pius X9-6 3
8Kaitlyn King2017White County High School9-0 0.5
8Taylor Love2017Jefferson High School9-0 0.5
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Shot Put

1Makenli Forrest2017Woodward Academy42-3.25 10
2Maliyah Holloway2017G.W. Carver, Columbus41-7.25 8
3Cody Chandler2017North Oconee41-3.25 6
4Akia Humber2018Shaw High School37-5.75 5
5Jana Barden2019Blessed Trinity37-0.5 4
6Tiondra Grant2018Columbus High School37-0.25 3
7Ellie Isaacs2019Jefferson High School36-1.25 2
8Tatyanna Guidry2017Richmond Academy35-0 1
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1Makenli Forrest2017Woodward Academy144-0 10
2Raleigh Lewis2018Heritage HS, Catoosa131-9 8
3Cody Chandler2017North Oconee129-8 6
4Tiondra Grant2018Columbus High School121-1 5
5Dayna Perrymond2018Columbus High School114-11 4
6London Shaw2019Cartersville High School113-8 2.5
6Tatyanna Guidry2017Richmond Academy113-8 2.5
8Ashton Summerour2017White County High School112-11 1