GHSA AAAA Boys State Meet Preview

The quest for a GHSA AAAA Boys State team title looks 'on paper' to be the the most closely contested meet of every class and gender. Just take a look at the Virtual meet team scores below. But, look again at the 'Season Best Outdoor rankings' and the waters begin to unmuddy. Defending champ Eastside, still has Eric Stokes, but lost a key cog or 2 from 2016. This has opened the door for a new team champion this Saturday afternoon. As far as sand bagging goes (on a golf course), one lures their opponent you are betting with,  that you are worse than you actually are, then press bets hard the final hole, play it straight and walk away with all the cash .

Now, Track is not Golf, but any coach worth his salt, has to realize, top ranked Brian Faust of Marist took it easy in the 800m and just Q'd from Sectionals 9th.. Add big points for Marist right away, barring incident. Same goes for the 1600, as Knox Pittman and Leif Andersen have clocked the 2 fastest times in AAAA this Outdoor season. However, no such chicanery in the 3200. So, who from St. Pius (who lost big points as their top thrower possibly got injured before Sectionals), Blessed Trinity, Chapel Hill, Luella and back, are going to rise up and push Marist (who should have a nice lead) during Finals and make it interesting? Any takers?

Top Athletes to Watch:

Eric Stokes of Eastside- 100, 200, 4x400

Jatavious Harris of Baldwin- 100, 200, Relays

West Laurens High School Dexter, GA, USA

Will Stone of West Laurens- 400

Image result for Leif Andersen Marist

Brian Faust of Marist- 400, 800 (photo by Daniel McCauley)

Knox Pittman of Marist- 800, 1600 (photo by Daniel McCauley)

Leif Andersen of Marist (leader)- 1600, 3200 (photo by Daniel McCauley)

Quinn Burden of Marist (L)- 3200 and Ben McCoy

Ben McCoy #4 of Blessed Trinity- 1600, 3200

Latrell Murray of Luella- 110h, 300h, 4x100 (photo Ben Ennis)

Salem High School Conyers, GA, USA

Joshua Browning of Salem- 110h, 300h

Marcus Cade of Thomson- HJ, LJ

Image result for Jaiquan Earls North Clayton Ga

Jaiquan Earls #20 of North Clayton- TJ, LJ

Jermaine Anderson of Chapel Hill- Shot, Discus

Team Scores

2St. Pius X46
3Blessed Trinity44
4Chapel Hill High School40.5
5Luella High school36
6Baldwin High School35.13
8Thomson High School/ Middle School30.5
9Jefferson High School29.5
10Salem High School26
11Henry County High School23.13
12North Oconee23
13Northside Columbus20
14West Laurens High School19.5
14Woodward Academy19.5
16Sandy Creek14.63
18Oconee County High School12
19North Clayton High School11
19Pickens County11
21Burke County7.63
22Americus -Sumter High School7.5
23G.W. Carver, Columbus7
24Cross Creek6
24Mary Persons6
24Southeast Whitfield High School6
24White County High School6
28Upson Lee High School5.63
29Central High School5.5
30Cartersville High School5.13
31Spalding High School5
32LaFayette High School4
34Heritage HS, Catoosa3
34Westover High School3
36Gilmer High2.5
36Perry High School2.5
38West Hall High School1

100 Meter Dash

1Eric Stokes2017Eastside10.39 10
2Jatavious Harris2018Baldwin High School10.68 8
3Josiah Smith2017Henry County High School10.82 5.5
3Mahmoud Ameen2018Henry County High School10.82 5.5
5Emmanuel Jennings2017Luella High school10.84 4
6Davion Ross2019Perry High School10.93 2.5
6Tyre Shelton2018Chapel Hill High School10.93 2.5
8JaTravious Stewart2019Cross Creek10.94 1
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200 Meter Dash

1Jatavious Harris2018Baldwin High School21.32 10
2Eric Stokes2017Eastside21.46 8
3Josiah Smith2017Henry County High School22.06 6
4Alec Tanksley2017Northside Columbus22.08 5
5Emmanuel Jennings2017Luella High school22.11 4
6U.s. Beasley2017G.W. Carver, Columbus22.12 3
7Jomari Jackson2017Mary Persons22.20 2
8George Lira2017West Hall High School22.33 1
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400 Meter Dash

1Le'willdrick Stone0West Laurens High School49.21 10
2Brian Faust2017Marist49.38 8
3Montreal Milton2017Chapel Hill High School49.65 6
4Alphonzo Overstreet2019Woodward Academy49.70 5
5Harrison Weltlich2017Blessed Trinity49.85 4
6Clay Pender2018Jefferson High School50.03 3
7Kwandon Tymes2017G.W. Carver, Columbus50.05 2
8Aj Hale2020Sandy Creek50.10 1
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800 Meter Run

1Daniel Grosch2017St. Pius X1:57.86 10
2Knox Pittman2018Marist1:57.89 8
3Chris Turko2018Blessed Trinity1:58.28 6
4Noah Williams2018Sandy Creek1:58.39 5
5Alex Thomas2020North Oconee1:58.50 4
6Jonathan Myrthil2019Northside Columbus1:59.26 3
7Le'willdrick Stone0West Laurens High School2:00.03 2
8Anthony Thomas2018Eastside2:00.12 1
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1,600 Meter Run

1Knox Pittman2018Marist4:18.08 10
2Ben McCoy2017Blessed Trinity4:19.35 8
3Chris Turko2018Blessed Trinity4:22.54 6
4Wesley John2019Oconee County High School4:24.00 5
5Anthony Potts2017North Oconee4:24.20 4
6Daniel Grosch2017St. Pius X4:24.39 3
7Leif Andersen2019Marist4:25.47 2
8Max Higgins2017Jefferson High School4:27.62 1
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3,200 Meter Run

1Ben McCoy2017Blessed Trinity9:32.75 10
2Quinn Burden2017Marist9:35.10 8
3Leif Andersen2019Marist9:44.59 6
4Brennan O'Connor2018Blessed Trinity9:45.44 5
5Anthony Potts2017North Oconee9:47.62 4
6Jordan Perez2018St. Pius X9:49.64 3
7Addison Cochran2017Jefferson High School9:50.40 2
8Sean Parker2017Pickens County9:51.23 1
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110 Meter Hurdles

1Latrell Murray2018Luella High school14.19 10
2Joshua Browning2018Salem High School14.61 8
3Michael Jones2017Sandy Creek14.68 6
4Darius Bradford2017West Laurens High School14.71 5
5Jatori Sims2017Mary Persons15.12 4
6Myles McCoy2019Westover High School15.14 3
7Courtland Dixon2018Hardaway15.21 2
8Jay Hamil2019North Oconee15.43 1
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300 Meter Hurdles

1Joshua Browning2018Salem High School38.25 10
2Latrell Murray2018Luella High school38.32 8
3Alec Tanksley2017Northside Columbus39.59 6
4Matthew Harris2019St. Pius X39.72 5
5Dequanta Jones2019Thomson High School/ Middle School40.08 3.5
5Devon Brooks2017Henry County High School40.08 3.5
7Courtland Dixon2018Hardaway40.11 2
8Farron Edmonds2019Woodward Academy40.19 1
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4x100 Meter Relay

1Luella High school42.18 10
2Eastside42.36 8
3St. Pius X42.64 6
4Spalding High School42.89 5
5Americus -Sumter High School43.13 4
6Upson Lee High School43.18 3
7Woodward Academy43.20 2
8Burke County43.23 1
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4x400 Meter Relay

1Baldwin High School3:20.95 10
2Eastside3:21.41 8
3Chapel Hill High School3:22.44 6
4White County High School3:24.26 5
5Jefferson High School3:25.45 4
6Cross Creek3:25.48 3
7G.W. Carver, Columbus3:25.51 2
8St. Pius X3:25.87 1
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High Jump

1Marcus Cade2018Thomson High School/ Middle School6-6 9
1Sultan Simms2018Woodward Academy6-6 9
3Caleb Slaughter2017Sandy Creek6-2 2.625
3Davion Willis2017Upson Lee High School6-2 2.625
3Devon Brooks2017Henry County High School6-2 2.625
3Dymon Green2018Burke County6-2 2.625
3Keonte Jackson2017Cartersville High School6-2 2.625
3Rodney Walker2018Baldwin High School6-2 2.625
3Samuel Sherman2018Marist6-2 2.625
3Trevon Wofford2018Cedartown6-2 2.625
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Long Jump

1Marcus Cade2018Thomson High School/ Middle School22-5 10
2Matthew Harris2019St. Pius X22-1 8
3Jaiquan Earls2017North Clayton High School22-0 6
4Alec Tanksley2017Northside Columbus21-8.5 5
5Kobe Lewis2018Americus -Sumter High School21-7.5 3.5
5Milton Adams2019Baldwin High School21-7.5 3.5
7Damari Kelly2018Burke County21-6.5 2
8Bryan Smith2017Oconee County High School21-3.75 1
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Triple Jump

1Matthew Musey2018St. Pius X45-0.5 10
2Jordan Simons2017Salem High School44-10 8
3Bryan Smith2017Oconee County High School44-8 6
4Jaiquan Earls2017North Clayton High School44-7.5 5
5Latrail Mcclinic2017LaFayette High School43-4 4
6Jamarcus Strange2018Central High School43-3.75 3
7Damari Kelly2018Burke County42-6 2
8Noah Rapert2019White County High School42-5 1
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Pole Vault

1Kyle Tidwell2017Pickens County13-6 10
2Thomas Martin2018Jefferson High School13-0 8
3Zack Mathis2016Southeast Whitfield High School12-0 6
4Austin Helton2017West Laurens High School11-6 2.5
4Austin Masenthin2017Gilmer High11-6 2.5
4Carter Daniels2018Marist11-6 2.5
4Nick Bebko2020Cartersville High School11-6 2.5
4Sidney Stone2019Central High School11-6 2.5
4Tripp Bullock2020Jefferson High School11-6 2.5
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Shot Put

1Jermaine Anderson2018Chapel Hill High School60-1.5 10
2Tyler Blalock2017Cedartown58-3 8
3Joshua Jackson2017Chapel Hill High School52-7 6
4Griffin Gilder2017Blessed Trinity49-2 5
5Kyle Poole2019North Oconee47-6.75 4
6Lavarius Hood2018Heritage HS, Catoosa46-11 3
7David Overton2018Cross Creek46-6.75 2
8Willie Williams2017Baldwin High School46-6.25 1
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1Jermaine Anderson2018Chapel Hill High School165-2 10
2Jacorey Gates2018Thomson High School/ Middle School146-8 8
3Kyle Poole2019North Oconee144-5 6
4Jonathan Paolozzi2017Jefferson High School143-10 5
5Dontae Wilson2017Jefferson High School143-8 4
6Josh Armstrong2018Woodward Academy142-4 2.5
6Tyler Blalock2017Cedartown142-4 2.5
8Duke Haslam2017Northside Columbus141-1 1