GHSA AAAAAA Girls State Preview

The AAAAAA Girls meet should be a very closely contested one. AAAAAA is in many ways a hybrid class, there are the schools that did not get bumped up to 'Super Class' and AAAAA schools that moved up making it much different than 2016. Relays are going to very key in determining a new State Champ. Alexander has the advantage in that vein, but keep your scorecard handy as its may change every other event on Saturday. I'm not sure a school has won a State title scoring 80% of their points in Field Events since Cairo HS in the late 50's thru early 70's guided by legendary coach Tommy Taylor, but Dacula might just pull it off beind the Igberaese sisters in the Throws and Jefcoat in the vault. Mays strengths are speed, hurdles, jumps and relays. Pope's speed could take the Hounds' Podium barring any mishaps. Creekview's Nyah Hernandez of Creekview has been dominant in her freshman year and may double in the 1600/3200. 

Top Athletes to Watch:

Hope Glenn of Pope- 100, 200, Relays

Vivette Green of Alexander- 100, 200, Relays

Kaylah Lumsden of Tucker- 100, 200, Relays

Brenda Ayuk of Alexander- 800

Kira Stanley of Harrison- 800, 1600

Nyah Hernandez of Creekview- 1600, 3200

Antonia Frazier of Tucker- 100h, LJ, Relays

Kamiyah Street of Mays- 300h

Shatara Johnson of Charles Drew- LJ, 400

Kemiah Scott of Centennial- LJ

Courtney Long of Allatoona- PV

Hannah Jefcoat of Dacula- PV

Chelsea Igberaese of Dacula- Discus, Shot

Erika Earwood of South Paulding- Shot

Elsie Igberaese of Dacula- Discus, Shot

Team Scores

2Mays High School47.67
4Pope High School35
5Johns Creek HS30.5
7Lanier HS28.67
12Charles Drew HS23.5
13Harrison High School21.5
14Winder-Barrow HS17.5
15Northview High School16.67
16Douglas County14.67
17Richmond Hill14
18Evans High School13
18South Paulding HS13
20Gainesville High School11
21Cambridge HS9.67
22Allatoona HS9
22Chattahoochee High School9
22Glynn Academy9
25Houston County8.5
27Forest Park7
28Effingham County6
28Greenbrier High School6
28Langston Hughes HS6
32New Manchester High School4
35Dalton High School2.5
35Sequoyah High School2.5
37Grovetown HS2
37Stephenson High School2
39Mount Zion High School1.67
40Lee County1

100 Meter Dash

1Hope Glenn2017Pope High School11.78 10
2Kayla Williams2018Centennial12.05 8
3Kalen Surles2019Lanier HS12.11 6
4Quantasia Perry2017Alcovy12.12 5
5Imani Clark2017Lovejoy12.13 4
6Kayla Hunt2019MLK12.26 2
6Kaylah Lumsden2019Tucker12.26 2
6Kennedie Carithers2019Dacula12.26 2
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200 Meter Dash

1Vivette Green2018Alexander24.26 10
2Hope Glenn2017Pope High School24.34 8
3Alexis Williams2019Lovejoy24.47 6
4Cydney Delley2017Evans High School24.70 5
5Imani Clark2017Lovejoy24.89 4
6Jaylah Bailey2017Houston County24.99 3
7Kaylah Lumsden2019Tucker25.13 2
8Kalen Surles2019Lanier HS25.17 1
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400 Meter Dash

1Kamiyah Street2017Mays High School56.01 10
2Cydney Delley2017Evans High School56.21 8
3Danielle Chambers2018Charles Drew HS56.35 6
4Jaylah Bailey2017Houston County56.62 5
5Cecily Mohammed2018Chattahoochee High School57.25 4
6Jayla Mobley2018Alpharetta57.27 3
7Shatara Johnson2019Charles Drew HS57.55 2
8Iyanna Dandrea2017Douglas County57.64 1
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800 Meter Run

1Brenda Ayuk2018Alexander2:17.94 10
2Daryn Petitt2017Richmond Hill2:19.49 8
3Rebekah Wynn2017Langston Hughes HS2:20.55 6
4Kayla Gholar2020Richmond Hill2:22.25 5
5Madigan Wallace2020Johns Creek HS2:22.63 4
6Sarika Temme-Bapat2018Northview High School2:22.70 3
7Kennedy R Crawford2020Alexander2:22.77 2
8Kayla Knight2017Tucker2:22.92 1
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1,600 Meter Run

1Nyah Hernandez2020Creekview5:14.56 10
2Sarika Temme-Bapat2018Northview High School5:17.04 8
3Kira Stanley2018Harrison High School5:17.64 6
4Allison Rothrock2018Johns Creek HS5:17.77 5
5Micah Weathers2017Winder-Barrow HS5:18.12 4
6Kenedi Rodney2017Dacula5:18.43 3
7Samantha Cameron2018Dunwoody5:19.06 2
8Daryn Petitt2017Richmond Hill5:19.48 1
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3,200 Meter Run

1Nyah Hernandez2020Creekview11:18.05 10
2Micah Weathers2017Winder-Barrow HS11:30.26 8
3Kenedi Rodney2017Dacula11:31.34 6
4Katie Meyer2017Centennial11:32.54 5
5Allison Rothrock2018Johns Creek HS11:32.73 4
6Kenedy Thorne2017Alpharetta11:33.26 3
7Kayli Moody2018Harrison High School11:34.07 2
8Samantha Cameron2018Dunwoody11:37.85 1
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100 Meter Hurdles

1Antonia Frazier2017Tucker14.59 10
2Courtnee Robinson2017Lovejoy15.23 8
3Olivia Brown2019Effingham County15.40 6
4Kendra Whitehurst2019Mays High School15.45 5
5Sophia Hamill2018Northview High School15.61 4
6Celes Augustus2020Lanier HS15.63 3
7Isabella Tremble2017Johns Creek HS15.75 2
8Jada Harrison2018Gainesville High School16.03 1
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300 Meter Hurdles

1Kamiyah Street2017Mays High School44.74 10
2Celes Augustus2020Lanier HS45.25 8
3Reese Crawford2018Centennial46.23 6
4Ayonna Dennis2018MLK46.42 5
5Isabella Tremble2017Johns Creek HS46.67 4
6Tahleebah Martin2017MLK46.87 3
7Taya Jackson2019Cambridge HS47.28 2
8Courtnee Robinson2017Lovejoy47.35 1
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4x100 Meter Relay

1MLK47.48 10
2Alexander47.57 7
2Lanier HS47.57 7
4Pope High School47.61 5
5Tucker47.69 4
6Mays High School47.73 3
7Lovejoy48.05 2
8New Manchester High School48.31 1
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4x400 Meter Relay

1Alexander3:54.44 10
2Mays High School3:55.70 8
3MLK3:56.22 6
4Charles Drew HS3:58.26 5
5Pope High School3:58.44 4
6Tucker3:58.63 3
7Stephenson High School3:59.19 2
8Lanier HS3:59.20 1
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High Jump

1Alana Simpson2019Harrison High School5-2 8
1Mikayla Williams2019Douglas County5-2 8
1Tija Blackwell2019Gainesville High School5-2 8
4Imani Carmouche2017Mount Zion High School5-0 1.667
4Kamiyah Street2017Mays High School5-0 1.667
4Kassia Karras2018Northview High School5-0 1.667
4Kendel Bennett2017Creekview5-0 1.667
4Mackenzie Tanner2018Alexander5-0 1.667
4Miranda Marr2020Douglas County5-0 1.667
4Mya Williams2019Lanier HS5-0 1.667
4Shanaye Berry2017Centennial5-0 1.667
4Sierra Sieracki2018Cambridge HS5-0 1.667
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Long Jump

1Shatara Johnson2019Charles Drew HS19-1.5 10
2Kemiah Scott2018Centennial18-11 8
3Kyarra Newton2019Greenbrier High School18-10.5 6
4Antonia Frazier2017Tucker18-6.5 5
5Jamila Owens2017Dacula18-4.5 4
6Chloe Jarrett2019New Manchester High School18-4 3
7Khiah Williams2019Grovetown HS18-3.75 2
8Morgan Manley2020Lanier HS18-1.5 1
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Triple Jump

1Sydni Gilmore2019Mays High School38-4 10
2Denise Issah2018Pope High School37-7.75 8
3Paige Peterson2017Cambridge HS37-5 6
4Jessie Gadson2017Chattahoochee High School37-4 5
5Sarah Matthews2019Forest Park37-3 4
6Janaya Jones2020Forest Park37-2 3
7Onyinye Chukka2019Douglas County37-0.5 2
8Tynshisha McFarland2018Lee County36-6.5 1
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Pole Vault

1Courtney Long2018Allatoona HS11-0 9
1Hannah Jefcoat2017Dacula11-0 9
3Breanna McNamara2018Winder-Barrow HS10-6 5.5
3Jayme Claire Eubanks2017Harrison High School10-6 5.5
5Courtney Stuart2017Alpharetta10-0 2.5
5Grace Anderson2019Dalton High School10-0 2.5
5Makayla Wood2018Johns Creek HS10-0 2.5
5Payton Carroll2018Sequoyah High School10-0 2.5
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Shot Put

1Erika Earwood2017South Paulding HS42-0 10
2Taylor Smith2019Creekview40-2.5 8
3Chelsea Igberaese2017Dacula39-6 6
4Elsie Igberaese2019Dacula39-5 5
5Nakia Hooks2019Apalachee36-0.5 4
6Alivyah Floyd2018Glynn Academy35-3.5 3
7Sydney Payne2017Gainesville High School35-2.75 2
8Jadia Woodfork2018Charles Drew HS35-1.5 0.5
8Levonis Davis2019Houston County35-1.5 0.5
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1Chelsea Igberaese2017Dacula147-1 10
2Elsie Igberaese2019Dacula134-2 8
3Alivyah Floyd2018Glynn Academy128-3 6
4Alison Durrence2018Johns Creek HS121-5 5
5Madelyn Horne2019Johns Creek HS116-1 4
6Erika Earwood2017South Paulding HS111-8 3
7Jada Grier2018Douglas County111-0 2
8Chanice Campbell2018Alexander109-8.5 1