GHSA AAAAAA Boys State Preview

Its going to be a barnburner to watch the teams battle back and forth, maybe up to 4-6 schools within 10 points of each other midway thru Finals...but maybe not either. Do not take for granted the Virtual meet team scores, as they do not reflect one team's potential on paper. It was a stunner when Alexander displayed as 6th overall with 36 points. There had to be a glitch in the database maybe..then I began looking at the 6A 2017 Outdoor Rankings...there are lot of points out there next weekend for the Cougars to pickup making it not as close as they have a few guys who definitely were content on just getting thru Sectionals. Distance (many), Field (2x maybe) even perhaps in the hurdles and 4x400. AAAAAA (field) should thank those GHSA people who voted down the 4x800...No doubt, Heritage performed well at the Sectional they hosted. The 'Hooch' has speed, jumps and relays. Richmond Hill has the potential for their best State finish in recent school history. Allatoona should be right in the mix for a Podium run as well as Bradwell Institute. In the distance races,  Braeden Collins will have a pack of angry hornets chasing him the 3200 as 19 guys went sub 10: in the 3200 this season, including Allen Clark at 9:21. Collins looks to have the edge in the 1600 as well. 

Top Athletes to Watch:

Tyler Green of South Cobb- 100, 200, Relays

Shannon Carter of Creekside- 100, 200, Relays

Jacob Smith of Allatoona- 200, 400, Relays

Sam James of Richmond Hill- 400, 200, Relays

Tyler Whorton of Alexander- 800, 1600

Mays High School Atlanta, GA, USA

Alan Johnson of Mays- 800

Jackson Pearce of North Atlanta- 1600, 800

Braeden Collins of Alexander- 1600, 3200

Allen Clark of Lakeside Evans- 3200

Jordan Young of Heritage- 110h

Caden Ciul of Johns Creek- 300h

Ja'Von Douglas of Chattahoochee- LJ, 100, 200, Relays

Donald McClinton of Bradwell Institute- LJ

Dominic McClinton of Bradwell Institute- TJ

Gabe Brown of Alexander- TJ

Hunter Mallard of Gainesville- PV

Image result for wallace cowins heritage

Wallace Cowins of Heritage- Discus

Akileis Leroy of Lee County- Shot

Team Scores

1Heritage High School53.64
2Chattahoochee High School45.25
3Richmond Hill45
4Allatoona HS44.5
5Bradwell Institute39.5
7South Cobb29
10Gainesville High School21.5
11Lakeside, Evans20
12Lee County17
13Mays High School16.14
14South Paulding HS16
15New Manchester High School15
16Northview High School14.14
17Pope High School12.25
18Sprayberry High School12
18Stephenson High School12
20River Ridge HS11.39
21Douglas County10
21Johns Creek HS10
24Sequoyah High School8
25North Atlanta7
26Effingham County6.75
30Cambridge HS5
30Winder-Barrow HS5
34Forest Park4
34Houston County4
36Glynn Academy3.14
37Langston Hughes HS3
39Charles Drew HS2.14
40Lanier HS2
42Dalton High School1.25
43Greenbrier High School1

100 Meter Dash

1Tyler Green2017South Cobb10.58 10
2Omar Diaz2017Chattahoochee High School10.65 8
3Ja'Von Douglas2017Chattahoochee High School10.80 6
4Jhivon Wilson2019MLK10.81 5
5Marcus Prather2019Richmond Hill10.85 3.5
5Shannon Carter2017Creekside10.85 3.5
7Donald McClinton2017Bradwell Institute10.90 2
8Anthony Cook2017Heritage High School10.92 0.5
8Chase Burr2019Creekview10.92 0.5
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200 Meter Dash

1Jacob Smith2018Allatoona HS21.38 10
2Tyler Green2017South Cobb21.41 8
3Shannon Carter2017Creekside21.68 6
4Omar Diaz2017Chattahoochee High School21.74 5
5Marcus Prather2019Richmond Hill21.93 3.5
5Ronald Spradley2017Brunswick21.93 3.5
7Sam James2018Richmond Hill22.04 2
8Ja'Von Douglas2017Chattahoochee High School22.05 1
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400 Meter Dash

1Sam James2018Richmond Hill48.24 10
2Jacob Smith2018Allatoona HS48.45 8
3Jordan Purnell2017Creekside48.60 6
4Amir Ali2017New Manchester High School48.95 5
5Damon Ingram2017Alpharetta49.12 4
6Jordan Sessom2018Stephenson High School49.14 3
7Trenton Jones2020Dacula49.17 2
8Ahmad Perryman2017Centennial49.21 1
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800 Meter Run

1Alan Johnson2017Mays High School1:56.98 10
2Kameron Schofield2018Sequoyah High School1:57.13 8
3Jackson Pearce2017North Atlanta1:57.55 6
4Blake Klepper2018Allatoona HS1:57.64 5
5Pieter DuToit2017Pope High School1:57.68 4
6Jallah Galimah2018Heritage High School1:58.18 3
7Kyle Coleman2019Chattahoochee High School1:58.73 2
8K.j. Hirschi2017Cambridge HS1:59.59 1
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1,600 Meter Run

1Braeden Collins2017Alexander4:15.40 10
2Jallah Galimah2018Heritage High School4:23.15 8
3Tyler Whorton2017Alexander4:24.29 6
4Allen Clark2017Lakeside, Evans4:26.11 5
5K.j. Hirschi2017Cambridge HS4:26.84 4
6Alan Johnson2017Mays High School4:27.85 3
7Adrian Hernandez2018Allatoona HS4:27.97 2
8Jackson Pearce2017North Atlanta4:28.92 1
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3,200 Meter Run

1Allen Clark2017Lakeside, Evans9:44.10 10
2Robert Zell2018River Ridge HS9:44.96 8
3Braeden Collins2017Alexander9:45.82 6
4Adrian Hernandez2018Allatoona HS9:46.14 5
5Walt Ramsey2017Pope High School9:46.25 4
6Josh Seiden2018Pope High School9:48.40 3
7Michael Smith2018Northview High School9:48.68 2
8Mugisha Beinvenu2020Gainesville High School9:48.72 1
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110 Meter Hurdles

1Jordan Young2018Heritage High School14.28 10
2Terrius Crimiel2017Bradwell Institute14.90 8
3Elijah Morris2019Apalachee14.93 6
4Azeez Akindele2018Heritage High School14.98 5
5Daetrich Harrington2017Alexander14.99 4
6Justin Birdsong2018Stephenson High School15.18 3
7Devonte Mize2018Gainesville High School15.24 2
8Allen Mbah2019Lovejoy15.28 1
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300 Meter Hurdles

1Caden Ciul2018Johns Creek HS38.93 10
2Jordan Mereus2017South Paulding HS38.97 8
3Terrius Crimiel2017Bradwell Institute39.21 6
4Demond Fleming2017Richmond Hill39.58 5
5Jordan Young2018Heritage High School39.59 4
6Devonte Mize2018Gainesville High School39.90 3
7Rakim Gonzalez2018Richmond Hill40.20 2
8Allen Mbah2019Lovejoy40.39 1
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4x100 Meter Relay

1Richmond Hill41.77 10
2Creekside41.79 8
3Chattahoochee High School41.81 6
4South Cobb41.99 5
5MLK42.04 4
6Langston Hughes HS42.10 3
7Heritage High School42.19 2
8Brunswick42.27 1
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4x400 Meter Relay

1New Manchester High School3:19.74 10
2Richmond Hill3:21.17 8
3South Cobb3:22.25 6
4Allatoona HS3:22.26 5
5Alpharetta3:23.81 4
6Stephenson High School3:23.89 3
7Brunswick3:24.67 2
8Greenbrier High School3:25.03 1
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High Jump

1Tajae Jackson2018Douglas County6-6 10
2Dominic McClinton2017Bradwell Institute6-4 7
2Tobi Adeyeye2018Allatoona HS6-4 7
4Demetri Caesar2018Mays High School6-2 2.143
4Denzel Carter2017Charles Drew HS6-2 2.143
4Devron Harper2019Heritage High School6-2 2.143
4Liban Ismael2019Northview High School6-2 2.143
4Marquavious Jefferson2018Coffee6-2 2.143
4Marvin Dallas2018Glynn Academy6-2 2.143
4Ryan Bearden2017River Ridge HS6-2 2.143
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Long Jump

1Ja'Von Douglas2017Chattahoochee High School23-7.5 10
2Jordan Anderson2018South Paulding HS23-5 8
3Adeolu Adeleke2017Heritage High School23-1 6
4Chase Burr2019Creekview23-0.5 5
5Donald McClinton2017Bradwell Institute22-11 4
6Joshua Vann2018Tucker22-8 3
7Jonathan Baker2019Northview High School22-6 2
8Marcus Prather2019Richmond Hill22-5.5 1
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Triple Jump

1Dominic McClinton2017Bradwell Institute45-6 10
2Jonathan Baker2019Northview High School45-1.5 8
3Ari Jahanfar2017Chattahoochee High School44-10.5 6
4Jalen Nealious2017Lakeside, Evans44-7 5
5kyah plummer2020Houston County44-4 4
6Raiden Green2018Dacula44-1.5 2.5
6Terrius Crimiel2017Bradwell Institute44-1.5 2.5
8Amir Adul-Rahman2018Mays High School43-10.5 1
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Pole Vault

1Hunter Mallard2017Gainesville High School16-0 10
2Tucker Smith2017Lee County14-0 8
3Matthew Burnham2019Effingham County13-0 5.5
3Nick Anderson2017Gainesville High School13-0 5.5
5Carter LaPointe2018Allatoona HS12-6 1.25
5Jake Ramsey2018Allatoona HS12-6 1.25
5Kyle Rowe2017Pope High School12-6 1.25
5Kyle Barnes2017Dalton High School12-6 1.25
5Liam Mcdonald2019Effingham County12-6 1.25
5Mack Dickie2017Alexander12-6 1.25
5Peyton Neidhammer2017River Ridge HS12-6 1.25
5Philip Pyo2018Chattahoochee High School12-6 1.25
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Shot Put

1Jamal Ellis2019Alpharetta52-3 10
2Akileis Leroy2017Lee County52-1 8
3Vincent Buckley III2017Sprayberry High School49-6 6
4Chris Hand2018Alexander48-1 5
5Clerance Acosta2019Forest Park47-11.5 4
6Previs Seldon2018Stephenson High School47-11 3
7Jameon Gaskin2018Coffee47-3 2
8Marlone Taylor2019Glynn Academy46-11.25 1
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1Wallace Cowins2017Heritage High School160-4.5 10
2Jamal Ellis2019Alpharetta154-4.5 8
3Vincent Buckley III2017Sprayberry High School149-2 6
4Logan Cash2019Winder-Barrow HS146-5 5
5Trayzel Jureidini-Wyche2017Alexander146-4 4
6Derrion Fountain2017Heritage High School144-8.25 3
7Michael Allen2017Lanier HS143-5 2
8Akileis Leroy2017Lee County141-11 1