GHSA AAAAA Boys State Preview

AAAAA Boys will test out one of the new State meet venues at Carrollton's Grisham Stadium beginning Thursday morning. Carrollton is no novice at hosting State Championships, as the XC Meet has been held there dating back into the 20th Century, but new nonetheless concerning a state track meet. Its definitely a first class facility the athletes should enjoy competing at. Its also the smallest of the 3 State meets as only 5A & 6A will be there. 

It appears we are going to have a new Boys State team champ in AAAAA. SW DeKalb, has dominated the past 2 years, but has suffered a dropoff in talent or injuries this season.. It looks on paper to be Grady HS, led by Coach Del Ellerton, against a new coach, David Houghton at Cedar Shoals (as longtime Coach Roger Edmonds has retired) Both teams are so stacked with talent, the field, can only strive to compete for the remaining 2 team Podium spots. Grady has speed to burn with Babakarr Randall and the 4x100 squad, hurdle power with Christian McNair-Jones, Jaquez Sloan is a top Long Jumper and some other athletes who can score. Cedar Shoals can be a dangerous team when everyone has their 'A' game going on and always seems to be, on or close to making the Podium every year. Its been 12 years since their last State title, can they pull it off? Rogerous Swain is one of the top athletes in the State, Ashton Daniel is a contender to win the 110h/300h, Jon Oglesby is the defending 800m champ and their Relay squads are tops in AAAAA. 1 big advantage the Jags have... is Grady has no opp to score in the 4x400, which it may well come down to. Should be very tight for the last 2 Podium spots between: Starrs Mill, North Springs, Whitewater, SW DeKalb, Carrollton, Bainbridge, and Arabia Mountain. 

Top Athletes to Watch: 

Babakarr Randall of Grady- 100, 200, 4x100

Christian McNair-Jones of Grady- 110h, 300h, 4x100

Jacquez Sloan of Grady- LJ, 4x100

Rogerous Swain of Cedar Shoals- TJ, 100, 200, Relays

Ashton Daniel of Cedar Shoals- 110h, 300h, Relays

Markell Allen of Cedar Shoals- TJ, 200, Relays

North Springs Atlanta, GA, USA

Jaysen Robinson of North Springs- 100, 200, Relays

Vonderions Campbell of Bainbridge- 100, 200, 

Terry and Terryon Conwell of SW DeKalb- 100, 200, 400, Relays

Andre Jeff of New Hampstead- 400, 200

Trey Johnson of Fayette County- 400, 800

Jonathan Respress of Eagle's Landing- 800

Sam Ellis of Decatur- 800, 1600 (photo Daniel McCauley)

Nick Nyman of Starrs Mill- 1600, 3200 (photo by Daniel McCauley

Jaylyn Scott of Bainbridge- 300h, 110h (bottom right)

Pache' Caldwell of Riverwood- HJ

Tyler Jones of Arabia Mountain- LJ

Dre Butts of Jones County- TJ

Thomas Jolly of Woodland- PV

Ben Runyan of Starr Mill- PV

Madias Loper of Whitewater- Shot, Discus

Jeremiah Pierce of Carrollton- Shot, Discus

Michael Willingham of Arabia Mountain- Discus 

Team Scores

2Cedar Shoals61
3Starrs Mill High School35
4North Springs30.5
5Whitewater High School30
6Southwest Dekalb29
7Carrollton High School28
8Bainbridge High School26
9Decatur High School25
10Arabia Mountain HS23
10Eagle's Landing High School23
12Cass High School18.2
13New Hampstead HS18
14Union Grove15.2
15Dutchtown High School14
15Fayette County14
15McIntosh High School14
20Wayne County10.25
21Maynard H. Jackson High School9.7
22Lithia Springs8.25
23Harris Co. High School8.2
24Flowery Branch8
24Jones County High School8
24Riverwood International Charter School8
27Riverdale High School7
28Ola High School6
29Buford High School5.75
30Clarke Central5.5
31South Effingham High School5
31Woodland HS Stockbridge5
33Hiram High School4.5
34Carver, Atlanta4
34Johnson HS4
34Rome High School4
37Paulding County3.5
39Miller Grove High School3
39Morrow High School3
41Warner Robins2
44East Paulding High School1
44Hampton HS1

100 Meter Dash

1Jaysen Robinson2017North Springs10.56 10
2Tyrese McPhatter2017Harris Co. High School10.59 8
3Vonderions Campbell2017Bainbridge High School10.62 6
4Babakarr Randall2017Grady10.65 4.5
4Hassan Hall2018Maynard H. Jackson High School10.65 4.5
6Shidell Millsap2017Rome High School10.69 3
7D'Angelo Whitehead2018Warner Robins10.73 2
8Terryon Conwell2017Southwest Dekalb10.81 1
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200 Meter Dash

1Babakarr Randall2017Grady21.32 10
2Vonderions Campbell2017Bainbridge High School21.37 8
3Jaysen Robinson2017North Springs21.46 6
4Hassan Hall2018Maynard H. Jackson High School21.52 5
5Markell Allen2018Cedar Shoals21.71 4
6Andre Jeff2017New Hampstead HS21.78 3
7Terryon Conwell2017Southwest Dekalb21.81 2
8Shidell Millsap2017Rome High School21.86 1
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400 Meter Dash

1Andre Jeff2017New Hampstead HS47.93 10
2Trey Johnson2018Fayette County48.09 8
3Terry Conwell2017Southwest Dekalb48.50 6
4Jermaine Hosley2017Grady48.79 5
5Jaeden Douglass2017Riverdale High School49.03 4
6Ja'Shaun Poke2019Dutchtown High School49.26 3
7Kevion'Ta Knix2019Wayne County49.47 2
8Bryce McNealy2018Carrollton High School49.57 1
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800 Meter Run

1Sam Ellis2017Decatur High School1:56.97 10
2Jonathan Respress2017Eagle's Landing High School1:57.91 8
3Ryan Jackson2017Grady1:58.53 6
4Justin Taybron2017Woodland HS Stockbridge1:59.45 5
5Zack Burnett2018Union Grove1:59.71 4
6Gabriel Mantione-Holmes2018Clarke Central2:00.02 3
7Jon Oglesby2017Cedar Shoals2:00.14 2
8Brendan Bowman2019Clarke Central2:00.37 0.5
8Thomas Weldemichal2019Clarkston2:00.37 0.5
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1,600 Meter Run

1Sam Ellis2017Decatur High School4:22.75 10
2Nick Nyman2019Starrs Mill High School4:28.91 8
3Zack Burnett2018Union Grove4:31.45 6
4Deonte Lee2017Ola High School4:32.21 5
5Ethan Hargrove2017Flowery Branch4:32.23 4
6Harrison Fultz2019Starrs Mill High School4:32.85 3
7Harry Harp2017Whitewater High School4:33.20 2
8Austin Walden2017Loganville4:33.71 1
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3,200 Meter Run

1Nick Nyman2019Starrs Mill High School9:45.99 10
2Harry Harp2017Whitewater High School9:52.75 8
3Vladimir Zander-Velloso2018McIntosh High School9:54.84 6
4Austin Walden2017Loganville9:56.47 5
5Aidan Goldston2018Grady10:01.44 4
6Audrick Pyronneau2018Hiram High School10:01.50 3
7William White2017Clarke Central10:02.90 2
8Isaiha Davis2018Grady10:02.98 1
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110 Meter Hurdles

1Christian McNair-Jones2017Grady13.95 10
2Ashton Daniel2018Cedar Shoals14.25 8
3Ray Varnum2017Cass High School14.50 6
4Gary Savage2019Carrollton High School14.65 5
5Kameron Jones2018Dutchtown High School14.74 4
6Jahvon Millard2018North Springs14.94 3
7Jaylyn Scott2018Bainbridge High School15.03 2
8Malcolm Thompson2018Hampton HS15.19 1
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300 Meter Hurdles

1Jaylyn Scott2018Bainbridge High School37.91 10
2Ashton Daniel2018Cedar Shoals38.74 8
3Kameron Jones2018Dutchtown High School39.29 6
4Dorin Thornton2017Union Grove39.52 5
5Thomar Smith2018Wayne County39.76 4
6Christian McNair-Jones2017Grady39.78 3
7Cameron Hudson2019Cedar Shoals39.79 2
8Fereday Chipere2017Miller Grove High School39.86 1
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4x100 Meter Relay

1Cedar Shoals41.05 10
2Grady41.46 8
3Southwest Dekalb41.94 6
4Arabia Mountain HS42.01 5
5Wayne County42.23 4
6North Springs42.27 3
7Buford High School42.39 2
8East Paulding High School42.47 1
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4x400 Meter Relay

1Eagle's Landing High School3:19.93 10
2Cedar Shoals3:20.19 8
3Southwest Dekalb3:20.30 6
4New Hampstead HS3:20.67 5
5Carver, Atlanta3:22.45 4
6Riverdale High School3:22.63 3
7Miller Grove High School3:22.68 2
8Dutchtown High School3:23.74 1
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High Jump

1Caleb Podolski2017McIntosh High School6-4 8
1Pache' Caldwell2018Riverwood International Charter School6-4 8
1Tavarus Varnum2018Cass High School6-4 8
4Amanuel McDowell2019Griffin6-2 3.5
4Demontre Bennett2018Buford High School6-2 3.5
4Dionte Ruffin2017Paulding County6-2 3.5
4Trevor Knowles2017Woodland6-2 3.5
8Dontarius Bailey2019Buford High School6-0 0.25
8Jahsun McNeil2017Clarkston6-0 0.25
8Shamar Kelly2017Wayne County6-0 0.25
8William Jones2018Lithia Springs6-0 0.25
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Long Jump

1Jacquez Sloan2017Grady23-4.75 10
2William Jones2018Lithia Springs23-1 8
3Caelan Filmore2017Fayette County22-11 6
4Tyler Jones2017Arabia Mountain HS22-10.5 5
5Ray Varnum2017Cass High School22-9.25 4
6Jaysen Robinson2017North Springs22-6 3
7Markell Allen2018Cedar Shoals22-4 2
8Cameron Hudson2019Cedar Shoals22-1.5 1
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Triple Jump

1Rogerous Swain2017Cedar Shoals47-4.75 10
2Dre Butts2017Jones County High School46-9.5 8
3Markell Allen2018Cedar Shoals46-9.25 6
4Labo Oke2017Eagle's Landing High School46-8.25 5
5Tyler Jones2017Arabia Mountain HS45-1.5 4
6Cedric Claritt2018Morrow High School45-0 3
7Jordan Jones2018Hiram High School44-10 1.5
7Zahir Nichols2019North Springs44-10 1.5
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Pole Vault

1Ben Runyan2018Starrs Mill High School14-6 9
1Thomas Jolly2017Woodland14-6 9
3Joe Street2019Carrollton High School13-6 6
4Isaiah Del Campbell2017Johnson HS12-6 4
4Jake Rubin2019North Springs12-6 4
4Tyler Lorenz2017Flowery Branch12-6 4
7Will West2017Chamblee12-0 2
8DeAndre Etienne2017Grady11-6 0.2
8Miles Reece2019Union Grove11-6 0.2
8Osazi Alkhaliq2019Maynard H. Jackson High School11-6 0.2
8Stephen Smith2019Cass High School11-6 0.2
8Zeb Kosobucki2018Harris Co. High School11-6 0.2
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Shot Put

1Madias Loper2017Whitewater High School60-6.5 10
2Nicholas Edwards2018Southwest Dekalb50-8.75 8
3Jeremiah Pierce2018Carrollton High School50-2 6
4J. Robert Edge2018Decatur High School49-10 5
5Natavious Clark2017Carrollton High School49-6.5 4
6Eric Donevant2018Starrs Mill High School49-2.5 3
7Antonio Thipps2017Banneker47-6.5 2
8Michael Willingham2017Arabia Mountain HS46-11.75 1
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1Madias Loper2017Whitewater High School173-2 10
2Michael Willingham2017Arabia Mountain HS167-10 8
3Jeremiah Pierce2018Carrollton High School162-2 6
4Jaylen Powell2017South Effingham High School150-0 5
5Austin Herndon2019Loganville144-4 4
6Kenneth Singleton2017Loganville139-6 3
7Eric Donevant2018Starrs Mill High School138-11 2
8Jayleen Campbell2017Ola High School136-11 1