A Public Girls State Meet Preview

The A Public Girls schools are all too familiar with Hugh Mills Stadium as this is where the meet has been held since its inception. But, having their male team mates actually onsite to cheer them on could make this the most fun State meet yet.. There is definitely going to be a new A Public Girls State team champion unless the top 3 'Virtual Meet' ranked squads completely blow a head gasket. 

Telfair County seems to have a bead on a title behind talented Brandy Mackey who could triple in the 100,200 and LJ. If, Pelham can improve their Sectional performance a bit, it could get real interesting and come down to the 4x400..Elite Scholars is definitely in contention for a top finish and needs their athletes to peak hard to push those 2 afforementioned. Georgia Military could move up to 4th after the 300h and 4x400 (strong squad) It will be catfight between Washington-Wilkes and Greene County trying to make a Podium push. 

Top Athletes to Watch:

Image result for Brandy Mackey Telfair County

Brandy Mackey of Telfair County- 100, 200, LJ, Relays

Image result for aja alexander warren county

Aja Alexander of Warren County- 100h, 300h, HJ

Alli Hay of Pataula Charter- 1600, 3200

Tycoriah Danner of Washington-Wilkes- 100, 4x100

Nyasia Howard of Telfair County- TJ, Relays

Image result for terrell county greenwave logo

Tanesia Huckaby of Terrell County- 100h, 300h

Image result for Abigail Kirkland of Georgia Military Prep

Abigail Kirkalnd of Georgia Military Prep- 400m, 300h, Relays

Image result for elite scholars academy logos

Taleyah Liddell of Elite Scholars- 200, Relays, LJ

Essence Randolph of Greene County- HJ, TJ, 4x400

Kate Massey of Commerce- 1600, 3200, PV

Ansley Whitley of Marion County- Discus

Team Scores

1Telfair County HS72
2Pelham High School61
3Elite Scholars Academy54
4Georgia Military College Prep School422
5Washington-Wilkes High School36
6Greene Co.35
7Gordon Lee High School31
8Marion County HS30.25
9Warren County High School25.75
11McIntosh County Academy20
12Terrell County HS16
13Miller County HS14
14Mitchell County12
15Dooly County HS11
17Claxton High School10.75
18Mt. Zion Carroll10
18Schley County High10
21Johnson County6
22Chattahoochee County5
22Turner County HS5
25Lincoln County HS4
26Hancock Central3
26Wilcox County HS3
28Charlton County2
28Jenkins Co. High School2

100 Meter Dash

1Tycoriah Danner2019Washington-Wilkes High School12.15 10
2Brandy Mackey2019Telfair County HS12.25 8
3Ta'Kashi Jenkins2018Pelham High School12.68 6
4Dyasia Jackson2020Manchester12.72 5
5Iyana Mann2019Mt. Zion Carroll12.75 4
6Bristol Hicks2017Mitchell County12.76 3
7Tiffany Palmer2019McIntosh County Academy12.84 2
8Mikayla Blackshear2019Treutlen12.86 1
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200 Meter Dash

1Brandy Mackey2019Telfair County HS25.88 10
2Taleya Liddell2017Elite Scholars Academy26.47 8
3Kiara Binns2018Washington-Wilkes High School26.49 6
4Ta'Kashi Jenkins2018Pelham High School26.50 5
5Bristol Hicks2017Mitchell County26.67 4
6Febbie King2020Marion County HS26.97 3
7Tiffany Palmer2019McIntosh County Academy27.01 2
8Secoriah Danner2020Washington-Wilkes High School27.13 1
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400 Meter Dash

1Abigail Kirkalnd2017Georgia Military College Prep School1:01.22 10
2TyAmber Wilcox2019Telfair County HS1:01.62 8
3Destiny Thomas2017Pelham High School1:01.63 6
4Asia Love2018Elite Scholars Academy1:02.09 5
5NyAsia Howard2018Telfair County HS1:02.58 4
6Destiny Long2019Greene Co.1:02.98 3
7Cire Foston2019Georgia Military College Prep School1:03.10 2
8Addison Whitman2017Gordon Lee High School1:03.51 1
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800 Meter Run

1Dasia Wyatt2020Bowdon2:27.67 10
2Gracie O'Neal2020Gordon Lee High School2:28.62 8
3Nichole Slocumb2017Elite Scholars Academy2:33.44 6
4Lacorsica Johnson2019Miller County HS2:34.96 5
5Monica Webb2017Pelham High School2:35.16 4
6Kadijah Hannah2019Hancock Central2:36.21 3
7Arneshia Hardee2018Telfair County HS2:38.26 2
8Riley Cash2018Gordon Lee High School2:38.77 1
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100 Meter Hurdles

1Aja Alexander2017Warren County High School14.97 10
2Tanesia Huckaby2018Terrell County HS15.19 8
3Te'Erica Alexander2017Greene Co.15.84 6
4Tyleriah Graddic2018Turner County HS16.98 5
5Denise Fluellen2019Mitchell County17.10 4
6Tenoria Tate2018Washington-Wilkes High School17.18 3
7Keyasia Williams2017Jenkins Co. High School17.29 2
8Summer Sheffield2017Miller County HS17.34 1
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300 Meter Hurdles

1Aja Alexander2017Warren County High School45.48 10
2Tanesia Huckaby2018Terrell County HS46.27 8
3Abigail Kirkalnd2017Georgia Military College Prep School46.30 6
4Judea West2019McIntosh County Academy49.42 5
5Te'Erica Alexander2017Greene Co.49.81 4
6Lacorsica Johnson2019Miller County HS50.52 3
7Shynovia Wright2019Treutlen50.67 2
8Denise Fluellen2019Mitchell County50.68 1
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4x100 Meter Relay

1Washington-Wilkes High School48.84 10
2Telfair County HS49.92 8
3Pelham High School50.03 6
4Elite Scholars Academy50.89 5
5Dooly County HS51.14 4
6McIntosh County Academy51.50 3
7Georgia Military College Prep School51.81 2
8Mt. Zion Carroll52.08 1
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4x400 Meter Relay

1Elite Scholars Academy4:14.13 10
2Georgia Military College Prep School4:16.96 8
3Telfair County HS4:16.97 6
4Miller County HS4:22.12 5
5Gordon Lee High School4:26.00 4
6Dooly County HS4:27.05 3
7Greene Co.4:28.23 2
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High Jump

1Essence Randolph2017Greene Co.5-2 10
2Aja Alexander2017Warren County High School5-0 5.75
2Ansley Whitley2019Marion County HS5-0 5.75
2Dasia Wyatt2020Bowdon5-0 5.75
2Talaya Robinson2020Claxton High School5-0 5.75
6Ashley Whitley2019Marion County HS4-10 2
6Taylor Scott2018Georgia Military College Prep School4-10 2
6Te'Erica Alexander2017Greene Co.4-10 2
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Long Jump

1Brandy Mackey2019Telfair County HS17-10 10
2Tiffany Palmer2019McIntosh County Academy16-5.5 8
3Mahogany Brown2017Pelham High School16-2.75 6
4Taleya Liddell2017Elite Scholars Academy16-1.5 5
5Malaysia manning2018Dooly County HS15-11 4
6NyAsia Howard2018Telfair County HS15-10.5 3
7Keiaundra Chaffin2018Greene Co.15-9.75 2
8Iyana Mann2019Mt. Zion Carroll15-8.75 1
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Triple Jump

1NyAsia Howard2018Telfair County HS36-5 10
2Mikayla Blackshear2019Treutlen35-1.75 8
3Essence Randolph2017Greene Co.33-7.75 6
4Mahogany Randall2018Pelham High School33-6 5
5Katelyn Bennett2020Lincoln County HS33-0 4
6Nichole Slocumb2017Elite Scholars Academy32-10.25 3
7DaShonda Morgan2017Portal32-6.75 2
8Talaya Robinson2020Claxton High School32-6.25 1
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Pole Vault

1Addison Whitman2017Gordon Lee High School9-0 10
2Anna Hardy2017Commerce8-6 8
3Madison Mayberry2020Gordon Lee High School8-0 5.5
3Nicole Byerts2017Bowdon8-0 5.5
5Kassie Todd2019Claxton High School7-0 4
6Cynthia Stokes2019Pelham High School6-0 3
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Shot Put

1Mindy Register2019Schley County High33-5.5 10
2Kanjanai Brown2020Pelham High School32-7.5 8
3Iyatta Walker2018Johnson County32-3.5 6
4Mary Elizabeth Jones2018Georgia Military College Prep School32-2.5 5
5Deja Delaine2020Chattahoochee County31-5 4
6Tavania Gay2020Bowdon31-0 3
7Ansley Whitley2019Marion County HS30-11.5 1.5
7Baleigh Smith2020Gordon Lee High School30-11.5 1.5
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1Ansley Whitley2019Marion County HS120-11 10
2Ashley Whitley2019Marion County HS99-6 8
3Jazmine Fry2018Washington-Wilkes High School99-4 6
4Mary Elizabeth Jones2018Georgia Military College Prep School93-6 5
5Taylor Knight2018Mt. Zion Carroll90-8 4
6Haley Howell2017Wilcox County HS89-1 3
7Shaughnesy Bryant2019Charlton County88-5.5 2
8Deja Delaine2020Chattahoochee County88-1.5 1

1600 Meter Run

3200 Meter Run