Zack Truitt of Landmark Christian Named MS Boys 'Athlete of the Year'

(photos by Daniel McCauley)

Congratulations, Zack!


Zack "Attack" Truitt of Landmark Christian School is the 2017 Georgia Middle School State Track Champion in the 3200m, 1600m, 800m, and Anchor of the Champion 4x400m Relay Team. 

 MileSplit - How does it feel to be the Georgia State Champ?

Zack - It is awesome, a dream come true - I joined an Elite group!

MileSplit - Which of these Gold medals means the most to you, and why?

Zack - The 4x400 - it was a team award I was able to enjoy with my teammates and friends!

MileSplit - Which race was the toughest? 

Zack - The 3200, for sure - I was pushed to the limit to win.

Justin Wachtel ran stride for stride with Truitt in the 3200m until Truitt found another gear.

MileSplit - Describe your win in each event at State.

Zack - The 3200 came down to a 100 meter sprint to get the win.

    The 1600 was very windy, and it took a lot out of me.  I was disappointed to miss the State Record.

    In the 800, I just hit the gas so I could get the distance triple crown, and I just missed the State Record by one second!

    In the 4x400, I gave it everything I had left to win for Landmark!

MileSplit - Your 9:52.77 is a National Record in the Middle School 3200m Run - How does that feel?

Zack - Awesome!  I had that number everywhere in my house (along with the 1600 National Record of 4:34), so I knew the second I saw the clock I had it.

MileSplit - When did you become interested in Track?

Zack - I basically grew up around the track.  My brother and sister (Alex and Brittany) were phenomenal runners - I look up to them every day.

MileSplit -  Do you participate in other sports?

Zack - I am on the Landmark Swim Team.

 MileSplit - What do you like to do off the track?

Zack - I love engineering and drawing and spending time at the lake and with my dogs!

 MileSplit - What is your favorite subject in school?

Zack - Science.

 MileSplit - Do you have a favorite athlete?

Zack - Evan Jager 

MileSplit - What HS will you attend next year, and who will be your Coach?

 Zack - Landmark Christian, and my coach will be Coach Bill Thorn.

 MileSplit - What are your goals for HS Track and XC?

 Zack - I would like to finish in the top two in XC and track in my events and work my way onto our Varsity 4x400 team.

MileSplit - Who are you looking forward to racing in HS?

Zack - Griff McCauley, he's my good friend.

MileSplit - Are you running Summer track?

Zack - No, Sir, just XC training.

MileSplit - Are you attending any Summer running camps?

Zack - Yes - Nike Smoky Mountain Running Camp in Asheville, NC.

MileSplit - In closing, would you like to thank anyone?

Zack - I would like to thank Coach Thorn, Coach Ross, Coach Cawood and Coach Cornelison and my parents for always being there for me and making me who I am.  I thank my biggest fan, my sister Brittany.  I am so thankful for Coach Dan McCauley, who always encourages me, no matter the circumstances, with the right words at the right time.  I also would like to thank Coach Wayne Brantley, who is a great leader, role model, and mentor to me (and a fabulous history teacher).

Major Wins:

2017 State 3200 Champion, Georgia State Record Holder and National Record Holder

2017 State 1600m Champion

2017 State 800m Champion

2017 State 4x400 Champion

2016 Foot Locker South Champion

2016 State XC Champion (Small School Division), State Record Holder

2016 State 3200m Champion and Record Holder

2015 4x800 State Champion Team and Record Holder

2014 State XC Champion (Small School Division)