GISA State Meet Preview

The GISA State Cross Championships continue to move to new locations as this season's meet will be held at a new venue on the campus of Augusta Prep in Martinez. Ga.MileSplit will be onsite shooting a photo gallery by Matt Almand. There will be a recap with cover shots as well.

AAA Boys-

Southland breezed to the 2015 AAA title, whenTrinity Christian Dublin's boys squad, who was a year away from contending, has now arrived, and heavily favored to win AAA with their 3 headed monster up front, including Foot Locker National Finalist hopeful Jacob McLeod. Duking it out for other top team hardware based on a virtual meet, are: Deerfield-Windsor, Augusta Prep, Tift Area, Trinity Christian Sharpsburg and Southland.

Individually, it should be McLeod vanishing early from the field and going for a State meet record time. 


1 Jacob McLeod 2018 Trinity Christian School 16:19.32  1

2 Landon Logue 2017 Trinity Christian School 17:18.97  2

3 Quillian Holland 2018 Trinity Christian School 17:25.08  3

4 Hans Troyer 0 Trinity Christian School 17:25.27  4

5 Ethan Merritt 2018 Deerfield-Windsor School 17:30.56  5

6 Hans Troyer 2018 Trinity Christian- Sharpsburg 17:39.03  6

7 Dallas Hunt 2019 Tiftarea Academy 17:51.83  7

8 Porter Hill 2020 Deerfield-Windsor School 18:02.68  8

9 Billy Calcutt 2017 Southland Academy 18:05.36  9

10 Sam Lynch 2017 Mill Springs Academy 18:09.57  10

AAA Girls- 

Deerfield-Windsor is the defending champ, but based on a AAA Girls virtual meet, using each athlete's current season average time, Trinity Christian Dublin, who placed 6th last Fall, looks to be a pre-race favorite. Contending for top 4 team spots should be: host school Augusta Prep, Deerfield-Windsor, Southland, Holy Spirit Prep, the Heritage School, Westminster Augusta and Trinity Christian Sharpsburg. 

Contending for an Individual state title could be: 


1 Ashley Wood 2016 The Heritage School 20:08.90  1

2 Alex Dunn 2017 Frederica Academy 20:11.48  2

3 Jamie Holodak 2018 Augusta Prep 20:21.29  3

4 Janie Samson 2020 Trinity Christian School 20:28.81  4

5 Karmen LeRoy 2019 Trinity Christian School 20:38.15  5

6 Ansley Long 2021 Trinity Christian School 20:42.00  6

7 Molly Joseph 2019 Augusta Prep 20:54.52  7

8 Camryn Bridges 2018 Deerfield-Windsor School 20:54.53  8

AA Boys-

 In 2015, it came down to a 6th runner tiebreak, with St. George's Episcopal taking the win over Mill Springs (AAA now?)  Fugees Academy is located close to Clarkston HS, and they may be the benefactor of a couple of talented runners from that area. Their region did not submit results, so I'm making an assumption they are AA, based on 86 students from grades 6-12 and a virtual meet. They could run away with this race based on numbers. Contending for top 4 spots should be: St. George's, Briarwood, Grace Christian, The Cottage school,  Monsignor Donovan and Briarwood.

Top Indidviduals to watch are: 


1 Aseli Adum 2018 Fugees Academy 17:22.74  1

2 Sam Potter 2019 St. George's Episcopal School 18:21.16  2

3 Joseph Minani 2017 Fugees Academy 18:35.04  3

4 Bill Lester 2017 Briarwood Academy 18:53.71  4

5 Khamis Jaden 2017 Fugees Academy 18:54.95  5

6 Will Auslander 2020 Monsignor Donovan Catholic HS 18:56.53  6

AA Girls- 

This class in 2015 only had 3 schools score as a team, and only 2 regions reported results last week. Last year's champ was Brentwood, who easily defeated Twiggs Academy and Grace Christian. It seems (per 2016 region results) Mill Springs has moved up to AAA. Per a virual meet, without knowing a couple of schools class, Brentwood may be set to repeat without a challenge, unless a team runs lights out with no results submitted this Fall. Top individuals to look out for Michael Ann Hood of Brentwood, Alden Lisse of Highland Christian, Johnna Goodman of David Emanuel, Milz Cain of St. George's Episcopal, Jil Musselwhite of Brentwood,