Arcadia Report- Isaiah Rogers and Ryan Camp Represent GA in Style

(by Mike Judge)

It rained steady for the whole day Saturday. Both Isaiah and Ryan threw very well in super muddy and rainy conditions. Isaiah threw against two of the top throwers in the nation. He was seeded third in the meet and no one expected him to win. He shocked everyone with a PR in the rain. The top California kid had thrown over 70' and everyone expected him to win easily. Isaiah represented our state very well and made us all proud.

Ryan threw several feet over the 200 line on his second throw and looked to be in the ring. A fouled was called so the throw didn't count. His next throw landed right in front of the 200 line marker out of the left sector line. Either of these throws would have won the meet. He threw the 191' 6" on his last throw. He competed well and looked like he could win at any time. Came up 9" short. Ryan represented Georgia very well and I was very proud of the way he competed.