Georgia Trio Blogs from Foot Locker Nationals

After a long flight and an early morning, we finally arrived in San Diego. When we finally checked into the hotel, we couldn't believe all the nice Asics gear they gave us.

We got to meet our roommates, who are all from the northeast, and some other runners before heading out on a short run. We got to run with Rachel Johnson, who is a professional Asics athlete and runner-up a few years ago. When we got back from the run, we quickly got ready for the team meeting and dinner. At the team meeting, we got advice from Alan Webb. Finally, we went to dinner, made t-shirts, and took pictures with the other south girls.

We were pretty tired, so we all went tried to go to bed early, but the fire alarm had other plans. To our surprise we were all woken up at 10:30, but it felt like 3am. It was pretty confusing, and we're still not sure what happened, but it wasn't too hard to go back to bed. We're all excited for what the next couple days hold! - EG, Lindsay, Savannah