4A Girls Pre-Season Rankings #5

These are subjective rankings (not computer generated) they take into account returning team rankings, team rankings in the 1600 and 3200 from outdoor track, and a school's "Improvement Rating."  Improvement Rating is a metric developed by researching the improvement in a team's final place at State from 2011-2013. Each category is given rank points and added up coming to a final point total. Some squads made up for high point totals, getting ranked higher by virtue of number of returners (top 7) and by fastest returning XC team average.  Not all XC runners do Track (Soccer mostly) which can affect Outdoor team rankings, but generally not the top 5-7 teams)

                      4A Girls Pre-Season Rankings #5-  Heritage Catoosa


The Generals should be contenders once again after placing a distant 2nd to Marist in 2013. Their top 4 really shined at State last Fall having a 1-4 Split of :36. Sarah Buckler was the top girl that race making All-State honors placing 10th. (pr 19:45 Tn) She is just a part of their '3 headed monster) as Caitlin Craft has a pr of 19:43 and incoming frosh Alex Gass is swift at 19:46. Emily Poole and soph Noor Sabeeh give them a scary top 5 that is capable of making another run at a high Podium finish.

Heritage HS, Catoosa (GA) 93
  1) Caitlin Craft   19:43.18 12
  2) Sarah Buckler   19:45.39 13
  3) Alex Gass   19:46.51 14
  4) Emily Poole   20:16.32 25
  5) Noor Sabeeh   20:20.62 29
  Average Time: 19:58.40 Total Time: 1:39:52.02 1-5 Split: 37.44
  6) Lacey Rooks   21:41.08 64
  7) Katelyn Thompson   21:57.99 78


Important Data:
2013 XC Returning Ranking: 3rd
2014 Outdoor Returning Team 1600 Ranking: 7th
2014 Outdoor Returning Team 3200 Ranking: 9th*
3-Year Improvement Plan: 8th
Returns 6 of top 7 (1-5,7)*
White Co
North Hall
Eagles Land
North Oconee