5A Girls Pre-SeasonRankings #2

These are subjective rankings (not computer generated) they take into account returning team rankings, team rankings in the 1600 and 3200 from outdoor track, and a school's "Improvement Rating."  Improvement Rating is a metric developed by researching the improvement in a team's final place at State from 2011-2013. Each category is given rank points and added up coming to a final point total. Some squads made up for high point totals, getting ranked higher by virtue of number of returners (top 7) and by fastest returning XC team average.  Not all XC runners do Track (Soccer mostly) which can affect Outdoor team rankings, but not the top 5-7 teams)                          

                                          Top 50 Returning Girls in 5A

                                   5A Girls Pre-SeasonRankings #2  Starrs Mill


        The Lady Panthers have an excellent opportunity to climb the Podium at Carrollton in November after a 5th place finish last season. Star runner Haily Gollnick is gone, but return their 2-5 runners. Emily Sims is the top returner from 2013 State having placing 26th, and she has a pr of 20:22 at her home course. Sophie Handel enjoyed a pr on the home course of 20:29 and Sarah Phinney tore it up at Providence (NC) at 20:37. Jr Tori Nails showed promise in the 2013 early season w/ a pr of 20:05 at Providence Invitational (NC) Abigail Dickinson had a pr of 21:48 at Region on the home course. 

Starrs Mill High School (GA) 220
  1) Tori Nails   20:05.00 18
  2) Emily Sims   20:22.40 29
  3) Sophie Handel   20:29.23 34
  4) Sarah Phinney   20:37.00 42
  5) Abigail Dickinson   21:48.27 97
  Average Time: 20:40.38 Total Time: 1:43:21.90 1-5 Split: 1:43.27
  6) Christine Perez   22:19.00 139
  7) Dori Turnier   22:48.66 179


Important Data:
2013 XC Returning Ranking: 3rd
2014 Outdoor Returning Team 1600 Ranking: 3rd
2014 Outdoor Returning Team 3200 Ranking: 1st
3-Year Improvement Plan: 2nd
Returns 4 of top 7 (2-5)