Long Orthodontics Friday Night Lights Preview at Starr's Mill


                            Long Orthodontics Friday Light Lights Track Meet Highlights

This year's track meet promises to be another exciting meet.   Given every school getting 3 athletes per running event, we will see top athletes and emerging the talent across events.

The following 20 schools are participating in the meet:

Campbell HS

Chapel Hill HS

East Coweta HS

Greenbrier HS

Hapeville Charter

Holy Innocent’s Epsicpl.

Lagrange HS

Lambert HS

Lassiter HS

Mundy’s Mill HS

Newnan HS

Newton HS

Norcross HS

Our Lady of Mercy HS

Sandy Creek HS
Starr’s Mill HS

Stephenson HS

Whitewater HS

Winder-Barrow HS

All the events will be strong with state qualifiers from 2013 return back this year to improve their performances. Below is preview of # of athletes with strong marks and top 3 to look for.


3200m–Girls:10 under 12:30; top 3 S. Bearden(LaGrange); Hailey Gollnick(SMHS); E Antonowich (Norcross)  

3200m-Boys: 6 under 10:20; look for Sam Bowie(LaGrange),Noah Schaich(Lambert), C. Lord(Chapel Hill)


100m – Girls: 7 under 12.8; top 3 V. Parker (Sandy Creek); B. Hayden(Newton); D. Davis(Sandy Creek)

100m – Boys: 4 under 11sec; top 3 Jared Tucker(Stephenson), Eric Swinney(Sandy Creek), Jeff Uzzell(Hapeville)


100m H–Girls: 7 under 17sec; top 3 E. Hardnett (Campbell); R. Bohler(Holy Inncts); A Reid(E.Coweta)

110m H–Boys: 8 under 15.70; top 3 Nathan Strother(Norcross), Taylor Brunskole(SMHS), David Collins


800m – Girls: 8 under 2:30; top 3 A. Palermo(Winder-B); Sophie Handel(SMHS), S. Bearden(LaGrange)

800m – Boys: 4 under 2min; top 3 Andrew Coggins(LaGrange), James Adams (SMHS), L Hughes(Greenbr)


400m – Girls: 5 under 60sec; top 3 C.Zoller (Holy Innts; T. Hardy (Hapeville); A. Williams(E.Coweta)

400m - Boys: 6 under 51sec; top 3 W. Coombs(Greenbrier), J. Womack(Whitewater), M. Franklin(Newton)


300m H-Girls: 6 under 48secs; top 3 E. Hardnett(Campbell); A. Willis(Sandy Creek); A Farley(SMHS)

300m H-Boys: 7 under 42sec; top 3 Nathan Strother, Taylor Brunskole, Cameron Glenn (Stephenson)


200m – Girls: 5 under 26sec; top 3 B. Hayden (Newton); L. Banks (OLM); C. Zoller(Holy Innocents)

200m – Boys: 8 under 23sec; top 3 Jared Tucker, Eric Swinney, Quincy Perdue (Lassiter)


1600m – Girls: 5 under 5:40; top 3 S. Bearden(LaGrange); Hailey Gollnick(SMHS); E Antonowich

1600m – Boys: 4 under 4:36; top 3 Andrew Coggins, Logan Hughes, Paul McCloud (Chapel Hill)



Long Jump– Girls: 8 over 16ft; top 3 M Booker(Newton); E Hardnett(Campbell); A Starks(Greenbrier)

Long Jump– Boys: 6 over 21ft; top 3 Malik Franklin(Newton); Christian Coleman(OLM); Cameron Green


Triple Jump– Girls: 7 over 33 ft; top 3 B Hayden(Newton); P Fobbs(Mundys Mill); J Smith(Greenbrier)

Triple Jump– Boys: 8 over 42ft; top 3 Malik Franklin; Josh Lott(Mundys Mill); Isaiah Zuber(Stephensn)


High Jump– Girls: 10 at 5ft+; top 3 A Whisby(E.Coweta); K Meeks (Norcross); S Smith(Lambert)

High Jump– Boys: 8 6ft+; top 3 Justin Sumpter(Sandy Creek); Joshua Hill(Newnan); Cody Clements(SMHS)


Pole Vault–Girls: 6 over 8 ft; top 3 Annika Strauss(SMHS); Jolene Berthold(SMHS); M. Broussard(Grenbr)

Pole Vault– Boys: 6 over 11ft; top 3 B. Dubuque(OLM); J. Thompson(Winder-Bar); M. Furman(Greenbrier)


Shot Put– Girls: 6 over 32ft; top 3 M Haven(Chapel Hill); B. SIms (Winder-Bar); C Gates(Mundys Mill)

Shot Put– Boys: 6 over 42ft; top 3 D Walker(E.Coweta), T Poythress(Newnan), R Everett(Chapel Hill)


Discus– Girls: 6 over 62ft; top 3 N. Parker(Whitewater); M Kleinhauer(E.Coweta); M McWilliams(Norcs)

Discus– Boys: 8 over 117ft; top 3 J. Thomas(OLM); D. Walker(E.Coweta), T. Harper (SMHS)