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2 months ago Univ of Alabama Track & Field Camp
@BamaXC Didn’t most of their points come from the distance events?
3 months ago An Article from Colorado Milesplit
I see another "Coach"in the background looking on..@spxcoachrm
3 months ago Weather in Albany
And why is this allowed to happen? Isn’t safety for the kids and fans a concern to them? We hea...
3 months ago Inappropriate article
Maybe a bit skewed but still worth seeing!!
3 months ago Inappropriate article
Just imagine if they could do a virtual state meet for Georgia with only athletes that will be at...
3 months ago Inappropriate article
@ParkviewTrack I didn't even look. It wasn't Georgias page
3 months ago Inappropriate article
Or I click on 6A virtual meet for XC and it takes me to the Montana mile split page
3 months ago Inappropriate article
Milesplit is where I go for high school track news and I’m fine with them covering it.
4 months ago waterfall start for 800 and 1600 middle school state meet
Being at Parkview, even if you stack 2 per lane, you can only do 12 per heat.
4 months ago Boston Marathon - weather & on now
Blake Jorgensen- 2:34 ATC runner and former Westminster firm back in the day..
4 months ago GA Region 6-AAAAAA Track and Field Championship 2018
Heat sheets?
4 months ago Adding a coach to a team on milesplitp
Your team admin should be able to easily add a coach if he is logged in and goes to admin team an...
4 months ago McLeod 4th at Arcadia
Unreal. 8:52.70 at FSU
5 months ago Early Bird Endurance Meet 2018
Any results?
5 months ago An Appeal to GHSA to put kids first
This rule will be addressed in April to my understanding.
5 months ago McLeod!!!
@spxcoachrm He and the two Florida kids are going out is what he told me and was said in the inte...
5 months ago McLeod!!!
I predict it’s broken in two weeks. Then it will last awhile
5 months ago McLeod!!!
Phillips actually started to reel him in a little in the backstretch and curve but Jacob pulled a...
5 months ago Come on GHSA
It’s still on the approved list for out of state meets. A lot of confusing things going on here.
5 months ago Who is the Best HS Head Track Coach in Georgia
Does best coach even have to be track numbers? How about the coaches that make huge impacts on th...
5 months ago Come on GHSA
I haven’t heard,but we were told that if Georgia athletes were not in any heat with an IMG ath...
5 months ago Come on GHSA
@GoCubs It wasn’t me. Some of the other coaches who were going made some calls. Thanks for all...
5 months ago FSU Relays 2018
Putting our hope in Chris hands now. You the man Chris!!!!
5 months ago Come on GHSA
@kml60 it is still on the list as of 30 minutes ago. We were just approved to run if we are not...
5 months ago FSU Relays 2018
For the ones allowed to run.... Does IMG even have anyone in the Friday 3200’s?
5 months ago Come on GHSA
They are not a memeber of their state association.
5 months ago Come on GHSA
Georgia schools being disallowed to compete at FSU Relays. I know what the rule is, but why?
5 months ago FSU Relays 2018
Entry list When will it be posted? Thanks....
5 months ago Jacob McLeod is healthy again
Looks like he was pushed a lot at that meet. Time to maybe be pulled along at Arcadia.
6 months ago SEC Championships
I think Smulders pulling off that 4:05 in prelims is amazing for him to be developing so quick. H...
6 months ago Patching a runway
Those kits work pretty well if you make sure to really pack it in hard.
6 months ago Bowers
[quote=acarr6453]@trailcat Sam qualified as an individual at NXRSE, he finished 5th overall in th...
6 months ago Bowers
[quote=ParkviewCoachDXC]Correct, but Bowers qualified for Nationals while McLeod did not. In my ...
9 months ago How Many Classes Should XC and Track have in Georgia
A system that rewards a team for just showing up with 5 runners and making State while a team tha...
9 months ago How Many Classes Should XC and Track have in Georgia
Better competition definitely raises your bar. When we were 4A,we were in some close races at Reg...
9 months ago State course layout
It can't be long until that field we start in is a prime building area..I would love to see State...
9 months ago State course layout
[quote=GettingSlower]I want to say we left Al Bishop as the state course in?? 1995. The original ...
9 months ago Thunderstorms
Almost perfect. Maybe just a tad warm for last 4 races.
9 months ago State results
Is it seriously 5:00 and no results posted anywhere ?
10 months ago Thunderstorms
Men’s 10,000-meter - if competition is suspended before the lead runner reaches the 3,000-meter...
10 months ago Thunderstorms
I hope they don’t have to suspend a race with kids at the top of the final hill and then expect...
10 months ago Thunderstorms
@MaristXCcoach I think this came up a couple years ago, but I can’t remember the final say
10 months ago Dunamis Indoor Super Meet - Feb 8-11 at Lakepoint
As MaristCoach stated, wouldn’t it just be easier to compete unattached? I do hope they can may...
10 months ago All Class Predictions!
@dataholic I agree...
10 months ago Region 6-AAA Championship 2017
10 max sub 18:00
10 months ago 8-AA Region Championships 2017
Teams usually pitch in for all the awards. Talk to your meet manager..
10 months ago True or False
Is Westminister girls score of 17 in 1999, the lowest ever? They also scored 20 the year before
10 months ago True or False
@MaristXCcoach For ease I started at 1980 and immediately found they did not make podium in 81 or...
10 months ago True or False
@MaristXCcoach I could research it, but I’m not sure what year they started doing top 4 for pod...
10 months ago True or False
They weren't top 4 in '93-'94.