Region 3-AAAAAAA Championship Meet 2022

Marietta, GA

Meet Information



April 20th & 22nd, 2022

Marietta High School

Facility 8 lane track. Timing will be FAT. Concessions and meet t shirts will be sold. Meet admission is $6. Coaches must have their GHSA Coaches pass to enter stadium.

Entries 3 entries per event and 1 entry per relay event. Entries will be completed on ga.milsplit.

Awards TROPHIES: Top 2 Girls Teams & Top 2 Boys Teams.

MEDALS: 1st, 2nd & 3rd Place

Scoring Individual and relay: 10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1

Field Events Long & Triple Jump:

3 jumps per athlete, top 9 athletes qualify to finals for 3 additional jumps.

Shot Put & Discus:

3 throws per athlete, top 9 athletes qualify to finals for 3 additional throws.

Prelims Heat winners automatically qualify to finals, next best times will fill out the remaining spots.

Rules All GHSA and NFHS rules will be enforce. We will have a jury of appeals to resolve any disputes. Undergarment and uniform rules will be enforced.

Meet Officials

-Meet Manager: Nick Houstoulakis

-Starter: Jacqui Collins & Matthew Chestnutt

-Timing System Operator: Marietta High School/ Yolanda Payton

-Clerk: Vonda Wilkerson

-Jury of Appeals: 



-1:30 p.m. Coaches SCRATCH Meeting

2:00 p.m. Field Events

Girls: Pole Vault, Triple Jump, Shot Put, High Jump (blue pit)

Boys: Long Jump, Discus, High Jump (grey pit) Pole Vault after girls event concludes

2:30 p.m.

Girls 4x800M (Final)

Followed by

Boys 4x800M (Final)

4:00 p.m. Running Events

**2 heats, top 2 plus 4 best times or 3 Heats, winners of each heat plus 5 next best times

-        4:00 p.m. Girls 100HH Prelims

-        4:15 p.m. Boys 110HH Prelims

-        4:30 p.m. Girls 100M Prelims

-        4:40 p.m. Boys 100M Prelims

-        4:50 p.m. Girls 4x200 Relay Final

-        5:00 p.m. Boys 4x200 Relay Final

-        5:10 p.m. Girls 1600M Finals

-        5:25 p.m. Boys 1600M Finals

-        5:40 p.m. Girls 400M Prelims

-        5:50 p.m. Boys 400M Prelims

-        6:05 p.m. Girls 300IH Prelims

-        6:20 p.m. Boys 300IH Prelims

-        6:30 p.m. Girls 800M Prelims

-        6:45 p.m. Boys 800M Prelims

-        7:00 p.m. Girls 200M Prelims

-        7:15 p.m. Boys 200M Prelims


2:00P.M. Field Events

-Girls Long Jump Prelims and Final (2 flights with 3 jumps per athlete, 9 athletes to the final for 3 additional jumps)

-Girls Discus Prelims and Final(2 flights with 3 throws per athlete, 9 athletes to the final for 3 additional throws)

-Boys Triple Jump Prelims and Final(2 flights with 3 jumps per athlete, 9 athletes to the final for 3 additional jumps)

-Boys Shot Put Prelims and Finals (2 flights with 3 throws per athlete, 9 athletes to the final for 3 additional throws)

4:00P.M. Running Events

-        4:00 p.m. Girls 100HH Final

-        4:15 p.m. Boys 110HH Final

-        4:30 p.m. Girls 100M Final

-        4:40 p.m. Boys 100M Final

-        4:45 p.m. Girls 3200M Final

-        5:10 p.m. Girls 4x100M Relay Final

-        5:20 p.m. Boys 4x100M Relay Final

-        5:30 p.m. Girls 400M Final

-        5:40 p.m. Boys 400M Final

-        5:55 p.m. Girls 300IH Final

-        6:05 p.m. Boys 300IH Final

-        6:20 p.m. Girls 800M Final

-        6:30 p.m. Boys 800M Final

-        6:40 p.m. Girls 200M Final

-        6:50 p.m. Boys 200M Final

-        7:00 p.m. Boys 3200M Final

-        7:20 p.m. Girls 4x400M Relay Final

-        7:35 p.m. Boys 4x400M Relay Final

-        7:50 p.m. Trophy Presentation