North Georgia Championships at Lamar Murphy 2021

Jefferson, GA

Meet Information

Course Map


Meet Director: Tomy Sitton (

Entry deadline: Thursday, August 26 at 5:00 PM


7:45 a.m. Boys Championship  (16 to 20 Schools

Approx)  (10 Runners Max) This race is for the "top" schools

8:05 a.m. Boy's Varsity

Race ( 16 to 20 Schools) (10 Runners Max) This race is for schools not wanting to compete in the championship races

8:30 a.m. Girl's Championship Race  (16 to 20-Schools) (10 Runners Max)

8:55 a.m. Girls Varsity Race (10 Runners Max)

9:25 a.m. JV. Boys # 1 Preferably teams who participated in championship race

9:50 a.m. J.V. Boys # 2 Preferably teams who participated in varsity race

10:20 a.m. J.V. Girls Race

10:50  a.m. Middle School Boys and Girls (combined, but may separate depending on entry numbers)

Entry Fees:

$150.00 for varsity boys and girls (includes junior varsity)

$60.00 for middle school boys and girls

$200.00 total for teams with both middle school and high school entries

Checks can be made payable to East Jackson High School - please reference "North GA XC"

Team Tent Areas / Restrooms