Galloway Middle School Meet 2018

Atlanta, GA
Hosted by Galloway

Meet Information

Team Entry Limits:

Limits = 2 athletes per event, 2 relay teams
Limits = 4 entries in the 800, 1600, and 3200
Individual Entry Limits:
You may not choose 3 individual running events.
Any combination of events equal to, or less than, those below are legal:
- 3FieldEvents
- 2Field& 1 Running
- 2 Running & 1Field
- Participation in a relay DOES NOT count towards a runner's event total.
- In addition, each school/team may only entertwo2athletes per gender in all running events except the800M,1600M, and 3200M.Those events are open tofour (4)entries.

Some reminders:
1.When you arrive onApril 4, you can have an athlete compete for another, but they will compete under the name that was registered. No substitutes, no one for one.
3. No large buses (15 passenger ok) will be allowed to park at thetrack. We have another parking lot at our softball/baseball facility to accommodate large buses and overflow parking. That address is 2465 Warren Road (1/2 mile fromtrack). Please make sure your bus driver knows this ahead of time.
4. Every schoolMUSTprovide 1 volunteer to help us operatefieldevents. No exceptions!

Schedule for the day
3:40pm- Coaches Meeting
4pm to 5pm- Field Events = 3 attempts in the shot put, discus, long jump, and triple jump
4:45pm- 3200M Combined boys & girls
(FYI - we will have hurdles in lanes 3-8 to save time with setup for 100/110 hurdles)
Rolling schedule

100h girls

110h boys