Trinity Invitational 2018

Peachtree City, GA

Meet Information

Trinity Invitational

Important Details:

The Trinity Lions Track & Field program will host this event

There will be thirteen (13) MS and fourteen (14) HS track and field events, along with one (1) Elementary event taking place at this Invitational Meet.

Location: Riley Field

Address: 176 Wisdom Road, Peachtree City, 30269

Type of Surface: 7 Lane Synthetic

Student Tickets: $3.00 / Adult Tickets: $5.00

Registration Fees: $60.00 - 1 Division (MS or HS Only) $75.00 - 2 Divisions (MS & HS)

Checks made to: Trinity Christian / Memo: Trinity MS Invitational

Time of Important Events:

2:45 p.m. Track Opens & Spectators Welcome

3:10 p.m. Coaches Meeting: Please bring your scratch sheets to the Clerk

3:30 p.m.Session I Events (Report to Field Events for Check-In)

5:15 p.m.Opening Announcement, National Anthem; Team Prayer

5:30 p.m. 4x100m Relay, followed by all other running events

Order of Field Events

Session I:

300m Hurdles(MS Girls followed by the HS Girls)

300m Hurdles(MS Boys followed by the HS Boys)

MS Girls Shot Put

MS Boys Discus

MS Girls & Boys High Jump

MS Boys & Girls Long Jump

Session II:

Elementary 4x200m Relay

MS Girls Discus

MS Boys Shot Put

HS Girls & Boys Long Jump

HS Girls & Boys High Jump

Session III:

1600m Run(MS Girls followed by the MS Boys)

HS Girls Shot Put

HS Boys Discus

HS Girls & Boys Triple Jump

Session IV:

1600m Run(HS Girls followed by the HS Boys)

HS Girls Discus

HS Boys Shot Put

Order of Running Events at 5:15pm or at conclusion of Session IV Events

MS Girls, MS Boys, HS Girls, HS Boys

4x100 Meter Relay

400m Run

100m Hurdles (30/33)

50m Dash (MS only)

100m Dash (HS only)

800m Run

200m Dash

4x400 Meter Relay

Gate Fee:

All spectators will be charged at the gate before entering the facility

  • Student Tickets: $3.00

  • Adult Tickets: $5.00

Limits to Team Entries:

2 entries per relay event

2 entries per field events

3 entries per individual events

5 entries per distance events(800m & 1600m)

5 event entry max(3 individual and 2 relays)

Middle School Regulations:100 meter Hurdles (30" girls, 33" boys);300 meter Hurdles (30 girls, 33 boys), High Jump minimum height will start at 3 6, Discus (1k girls and boys), Shot Put (6 lbs girls, 4K boys)

High School Regulations:100 meter Hurdles (33 girls), 110 meter Hurdles (39 boys);300m Hurdles (30 girls, 36 boys), High Jump minimum height will start at 4 0, Discus(2 lbs. 3.274 oz. girls & 3 lbs., 8.438 oz. boys), Shot Put (8 lbs 13 oz. girls & 12 lbs. boys)

USATF Starter:USATF will be providing a certified starter for this event. Arlena Epps will serve as the official starter. Bud Ramsey will serve as the Recall (back-up starter).

Fully Automatic Timing:Fast Feet Timing will serve as the official timing group. We will have FAT timing with a digital board showing results after each running and relay event. We will have several volunteers at the start/finish line to serve as our back-up timers.

Facilities:Concessions will be provided at this event during the morning and afternoon. Also, bathrooms are located at the stadium. Teams will be allowed to set up their team tents in the grass area, outside of the fence on both sides of the bleachers. When setting up tents, we ask for teams to set up at least 10 feet away from the stadium bleachers. The stadium bleachers are limited on space, therefore, spectators are recommended to bring extra chairs.

Meet Announcer:We will provide a meet announcers for this event. He will make important announcements before, during, and at the end of the meet, including continuous event calls.

Check-in Table:Student athletes are strongly reminded when their event call is made to immediately report to their designated check-in area. If participating in a field event, immediately report to check in where the event is located. Athletes who compete in running events will report to the designated check-in table to sign in with the clerk and to receive a number sticker, indicating the heat and lane assignment. There will be 2 check-in tables at this event (MS/HS Girls table and MSHS Boys table). The check-in tables and tents will be located near the endzone opposite of the discus cage, near the high jump mat. Be reminded to stay out of the infield unless checking in for an event, warming up for an event (10-15 minutes before 1st call) and or when participating in a cool down at the conclusion of an event is complete (10 minute period). Athletes are able to use hurdles for warm-ups, but are strongly reminded to place this equipment back where it was first found.

Scratch Meeting:

NO ADDITIONSto your entries.At the scratch meeting, we will review each event in detail that is included in the meet program as youhave the option to make free substitutions during the meet. We are unable to change the names after you send in your entry as they are final. If making a change at the event, simply have an athlete run in the place of the entered athlete.

Uniforms/Jewelry:All relay teams are reminded to wear matching uniforms during relay events, wear your team singlet. Student athletes are reminded they cannot compete while wearing jewelry, but watches are are allowed to be worn during events. If a student athlete is wearing a bracelet or item of jewelry for religious reasons, please provide a note and have the Head Coach discuss these details during the scratch meeting.

Heats/Trials:Heats will be run as a final against the clock, with no prelims for this event. 3 trials in the long and triple, shot and discus.

Scoring:The top eight places in individual and relay events will be scored at this meet: 10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1.

Results:The results will be posted at the Fast Feet Timing website.

Medals/Trophies:Teams scoring the most points in each division (MS/HS) overall during the meet in all events combined will be recognized as the Champion and awarded the 1st place award. Student athletes who finish in first place in individual events will be awarded a medal.

Truth Bomb T-shirts:

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  • Solid T-shirt Long Sleeve (one print) $23.00

  • Tie Dye Short Sleeve (one print) $23.00

  • Tie Dye Long Sleeve (one print) $28.00

  • Crew Sweat Shirt (one print) $28.00

  • Hoodie Sweat Shirt (one print) $33.00

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