Best Indoor Track & Field Meet Options For Georgia Athletes

Indoor Track and Field season has been up and running for about a month now. But it really kicks into high gear this month with plenty of big meets in surrounding states. 

For sprinters and field event athletes, many of them use this as a way to finally test themselves out after a long off season of just training. Some haven't competed in 6 months and are very anxious to get going and see where they're at. Georgia is one of the best states in the country when it comes to sprints and field events, and our best athletes often go to indoor meets in order to showcase their many talents.

For distance runners, this season is often just skipped in lieu of getting ready for outdoor season, but plenty of athletes over the years have used it as a good way to shake off some rust or try to qualify for one of the indoor national meets. 

But, it's also important to understand the rules regarding these meets. Some of them are sanctioned by GHSA, but most of them are not. Before we take a look at what meets are available, take a look at what category each type of meet falls under so you make sure to follow the rules.

Sanctioned Meet - This is a meet sanctioned by GHSA. By rule, you can only compete for your school in this meet and are not allowed to compete against any athletes who are not competing for their school. In other words, no competition against unattached, club, or middle school athletes is allowed at these meets, per GHSA rules. Coaches are in charge of their athletes under the normal track and field rules for these meets and are allowed to provide school transportation to and from the meet. GHSA athletes are allowed to attend 1 of these meets.

Unsanctioned Meet - This is a meet that is not sanctioned by GHSA, but athletes are still allowed to compete in them provided they compete for their club team or as an unattached athlete. Unattached athletes are not allowed to wear their school uniforms nor are they allowed to receive coaching or transportation from their GHSA school coach. Athletes can attend as many of these meets as they want. 

Georgia Indoor Rankings

January Top Meets

Sanctioned (MUST represent your school, can only do one per GHSA rules)

Friday-Saturday - 13th-14th - The VA Showcase 

Monday - 16th - Martin Luther King Indoor Track Classic #1

Monday - 16th - Martin Luther King Indoor Track Classic #2

Friday - 27th - Last Chance #1

Saturday - 28th - Last Chance #2

Saturday - 28th - Last Chance #3

Unsanctioned (CANNOT represent your school, must compete unattached per GHSA rules)

Friday-Sunday - 13th-15th - Jimmy Carnes Invitational

Sunday - 15th - The VA Showcase (USATF Clubs only)

Saturday-Sunday 21st-22nd - GA Indoor Pole Vault State Championships

February Top Meets

Unsanctioned (CANNOT represent your school, must compete unattached per GHSA rules)

Friday-Saturday - 4th-5th - Florida/Georgia Challenge

Friday-Saturday - 10th - 11th - Eastern Indoors