Tasty Race Of The Week: Twins Dominate A Fast 300m Hurdles

The Taylor twins dominating the 300m hurdles at region 5-5A

Isaiah Taylor was already the region 110m hurdle champion. Xzaviah Taylor was already the region champion in the 400m. Undoubtedly they were both a part of two of Southwest Dekalb's relay teams that won all four region titles. My guess is they had already helped them win the 4x200, which cracked the top ten all time list, and would later go on to help them win the 4x400 - which finished 0.04s off the all time list. But the tasty race this week is all about the one event where the twins went head to head - the 300m hurdles. And it did not disappoint. It was an incredible time that I won't spoil who won for you. But they're twins so you'll likely have to check out the results here to see for yourself.