Sully Shelton Goes #5 All-Time 4:07.62 in the 1600m at Cobb

Championship boys 1600 (audio muted by request)

Sully Shelton of Harrison HS rocketed off the starting line and never looked back, winning the Cobb County Championships 1600m run at Marietta high school on Saturday. We are going to make this video available for all users to watch as it's a major accomplishment, as the UNC-Chapel Hill bound senior torched the aqua blue Marietta mondo posting a new #5 all-time performance going 4:07.42 Shelton talks about his record-setting race below... 

So, as many people saw, my senior cross country season was not where I wanted it to be. I was stuck in my head week after week and could not stay positive or find that drive that I had seen in myself in all the years prior. I was fighting myself more than I was actually fighting other competitors and it was tough to endure. Over the off-season, I sat down and was able to rethink what I wanted to do this spring. Over the last 4 months, I have changed a lot of things with my training and my mindset, and to see it all pay off on Saturday afternoon was a great feeling. I knew I was in great shape coming into this meet and that I had held out from earlier races this season in order to save myself for bigger and better post-season opportunities. When the gun went off, I immediately got after it and didn't let up. I came through 400 at 61, and then came back with a 59.8 to come through 800 at 2:01. At this point, I was feeling really relaxed and had not fatigued at all. I knew I had to get on it and I was able to come through in another 61 to hit 3:03 through 1200. I felt super smooth and was ready to rip the last 400 but with 300 to go the fatigue finally set in and I did not close how I wanted too. Since I was running virtually solo, it was hard to gauge where I was over the last lap and sadly, I ended up closing in a 63. While I was very happy with the 4:07, I know I am in much better shape than that right now. I was a little disappointed in the overall time but, I was thrilled to get the county record, a new school record, and a #5 All-Time in GA. I was really happy that I was able to come through 1200 at 3:03 and I know with the upcoming weeks of training, I will be nearing my end goal of Sub 4 in no time. It was my first outdoor mile/1600 in almost 2 full years so to say it was a rust buster would be an understatement. It was so nice to finally get back out on the oval and put together a race I was finally proud of. I am super blessed and thankful to be able to race against such amazing competitors and I am super excited for the rest of the season. I know I have a lot left to prove. Thank you!

Team Sully after the race.