Top Georgia HS Girls Cross Country Runners in Week 10

Coach Wood was the big bonanza in Week 10 cross country, and all but two of the 'Runners of the Week' came out of that meet. Below are the high school girls 'Who Won the Week'. 

7A Girls

 Athlete: Carmel Yonas
 School: South Forsyth
 Place-Time: 4th, 17:55
 Meet: Coach Wood

6A Girls

 Athlete: Makena Gates
 School: Creekview
 Place-Time: Champ, 17:50
 Meet: Pickens & Grinnin'

5A Girls 

Athlete: Mary Brady
 School: St. Pius X
 Place-Time: Champ, 17:50
 Meet: Coach Wood

4A Girls

 Athlete: Katherine Law
 School: Jefferson
 Place-Time: 3rd, 17:55
 Meet: Coach Wood

3A Girls

 Athlete: Caylee Wagner
 School: North Hall
 Place-Time: 10th, 18:20
 Meet: Coach Wood

2A Girls 

 Athlete: Laura Arenth
 School: Lovett
 Place-Time: 22nd, 18:54
 Meet: Coach Wood

A Private Girls

Athlete: Kiley Murphy
 School: Brookstone
 Place-Time: 6th, 18:08
 Meet: Coach Wood

A Public Girls

Athlete: Maya Wynn
 School: Furlow Charter
 Place-Time: 3rd. 21:40
 Meet: Southland Raider

Independent Girls

 Athlete: Janie Sandel
School: Johnson Ferry Christian
Place-Time: 20th, 18:47
Meet: Coach Wood