Top Georgia HS Girls Cross Country Runners In Week Seven

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All-Class Girls

Athlete: Kiley Murphy
School: Brookstone
Place-Time: Champ, 18:21
Meet: Kona Ice Trinity Fall XC Classic

7A Girls

Athlete: Ashley Thompson
 School: Gainesville
 Place-Time: Champ, 18:54
Meet: Hall County Championships

6A Girls

Athlete: Candace Kieffer
 School: Effingham County
 Place-Time: Champ, 19:29
Meet: South Georgia Championships

5A Girls

Athlete: Rylee Evans
 School: Woodland
 Place-Time: Champ, 19:18
Meet: Big Peach Mustang

4A Girls

Athlete: Anna James
 School: Thomas County Central
 Place-Time: Champ, 19:47
Meet: Tift County Invitational

3A Girls

Athlete: Jenna Champer
 School: Oconee County
 Place-Time: 3rd, 20:11 (grittiest performance of the week)
Meet: Bob Roller Invitational

2A Girls

Athlete: Tristen Crosby
 School: Bleckley County
 Place-Time: 2nd, 20:02
Meet: South Georgia Championships

A Private Girls

Athlete: Brooke Browning
 School: Hebron Christian
 Place-Time: 2nd, 19:09
Meet: Kona Ice Trinity Fall XC Classic

A Public Girls

Athlete: Marissa Kimple
 School: Armuchee
 Place-Time: 3rd, 20:53
Meet: Darlington Cross Country Festival

Independent Girls

Athlete: Susannah Heinz
School: Augusta HS
Place-Time: 9th, 19:10