Where Are They Now? Rebecca Greenwall Of North Oconee

How many state titles did you win in GA/TN (what event and years) and other honors did you earn?

2008: 2A 800m, 1600m, team champions in Track GA-North Oconee

2009: 2A 1600m GA-North Oconee

2010: 2A 800m  GA North Oconee

The Greenwall Twins at North Oconee

2011: 800m, 4x800m relay, team title champions, TN-Baylor School

The Greenwalls at Baylor (rear)

Where did you compete in college and how did you fare there?

University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Cross country--

5k PR- 17:35

Indoor track-- mile PR- 5:04

2015 lead leg for first place DMR finish at SoCon Championships Outdoor track

1500m PR- 4:42,

800m PR- 2:14

2015 UTC Scholar-Athlete of the Year

While running in college, I never quite managed to become the phenom that most collegiate runners aspire to be. I was never the top-seeded runner, nor did I ever run away with any championship titles. However, what I was able to learn and accomplish during my college running days has proven to be far more valuable than I ever could have imagined. I learned the importance of setting goals, along with the significance of being passionate towards achieving those goals. I learned the importance of accountability, and I developed skills and knowledge for becoming a leader amongst my peers. I will always be grateful for my time at UTC, always remembering the lessons learned, memories made, and the lifelong relationships built. 

Tell us about your journey from post-graduation to where you are now as an ER nurse in Nevada. After graduating with my BSN in December of 2015, I moved back to Georgia where I was able to live close to my family again. I landed a job as an ER nurse in Athens, coincidentally the same hospital that I was born in. It was great to be back closer to home, spending time with family, and sharing a living space with my twin sister, Rachel, again. I spent a little over 4 years in the St. Mary's Hospital ED working alongside some of the most intelligent, talented, and overall remarkable people. I got married in September 2018, spent much of my spare time away from work renovating my home with my husband and squeezing in as many runs and bike rides as daylight would allow.

This past December I decided on taking a more adventurous route in my nursing career and began my journey as a travel nurse. With my husband being fortunate enough to work his job remotely and our dog willing to go on runs with us anywhere and anytime, we packed up a few essential belongings into a travel trailer and started on our adventure to live the modern-day nomadic lifestyle. We drove west to Nevada, parking our travel trailer in a small town right along the eastern edge of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. I have continued working as an ER nurse- learning new knowledge and sharing stories with a community of people who have welcomed me into their hospital with open arms since day one. On days outside of the ER, we have spent as much time as possible exploring the trails and scenic sites around Lake Tahoe and the surrounding Sierra Nevada Mountains.

My current travel nurse assignment in Nevada will be finishing up at the end of June. In the upcoming weeks we will be deciding on where our journey will take us next. In such times of uncertainty we are doing our best to live in the moment, enjoying each day as it comes. No matter where life takes us next we will stay adventurous, continue to seek new learning opportunities, and will treasure the stories we share with people that we meet along the way. 

Anyone you'd like to thank along the way?

To all of my coaches along the way- much of my journey so far would not have been as memorable if it weren't for the guidance, support, and love that each of you shared with me. Coach Moore, Coach Rosch, Coach Bennett, Coach Ott, Coach McMahan, Coach Gautier.. thank you all for the positive difference you made in my life, each contributing to a part of who I am today. To not just my family, but to all of Calvin's family as well- we are forever grateful for your love and all that comes with it. It takes a village to make it through this hectic, yet beautiful life. Thankfully, we have all of you in ours.