Final Statement From The GHSA About Closing All Activities

Wesley Johns of Oconee County 2019 Albany

Given the announcement a few days ago by Governor Kemp, it is sad, but as expected the GHSA declared all extracurricular activities and sports are cancelled for the 2019-2020 school year. Its an especially trying time for all graduating seniors who will miss out on the remainder of the Spring Sports season, including deeply traditional activities such as prom, senior nights, senior trips, banquets/awards ceremonies, region and state championships, most likely graduation, and spend the last few months of their HS lives away from their friends.. at home with their families. 

There have been quite a few requests for the GHSA to allow a 5th year of eligibility to students due to the coronavirus crisis. But, no plans are in place for this. There has been a backward trickle effect and there are many unintended consequences associated with waiving this by-law, but the 8-semester rule remains in effect. 

Moving forward into this Summer, (per the GHSA) there is not enough information to make any more  decisions at this time.  The GHSA is concerned about the Summer and the Fall only hoping for the best. At this time, no information is available that would allow for any decisions regarding when official practices can be resumed. Therefore, no GHSA activities or practices are allowed until further notice.

I have no information about the GISA's stance, or the private Christian School Association's position on this, although Governor Kemp mandated all k-12 schools for the remainder of the Academic year also close down.