A Public Coaches Spotlight: Kevin Godwin of Seminole County

Seminole County coach Kevin Godwin is the epitome of a small school coach.  He has been teaching and coaching at Seminole County High School in various capacities for the last 31 years.  Originally from Geneva, AL, he attended nearby then called, Troy State University.  Upon completion of his college degree he accepted a job in Donaldsonville and has stayed there since then.  Over the years he has seen and experienced many things.  When asked about his favorite cross country experience as a coach, he immediately talked about the runner-up finish they had in the State Championship in 2016.  According to Godwin, "We had a really special group of boys that year."  Godwin calls Carrollton his favorite course in the state, and specifically commented on the atmosphere that is there.  The excitement, the nervousness and the spectacle. 

The 2018 season was a challenge for the school and team for many reasons, the largest being Hurricane Michael.  When the then Category 3 storm passed directly over the town, the damage was unprecedented.  With extensive damage to the town, and school, normal life did not return for quite a while.  School was closed for an entire month while the damage to homes, the electrical grid, as well as the school was repaired.  Coach Godwin is very open about the assistance they school and community received.  "With a little hard work and help from other schools we completed our athletic schedules."  He is also impressed with the resiliency of the community, "A lot of repairs have been made since then and we are back better than ever."  Challenges like that put some perspective on life.